Big Love 5/14 (spoilers)

I don’t think Be’s gay either, I just feel like since he has been sheltered so much and the relationships he has seen his whole life are so unique that this curiousity is just unusual.

I also think that Margene is kind of on the edge of this whole idea. i think at times she looks at the other wives as sisters and lokos at Bill as more of a father figure, which would make sense if she was fatherless growing up.

I think it is interesting to look at what all of the wives are loking at this as. i guess that is why Barb is my favorite, she seems like the true WIFE in this all. But none the less it is amazing to see how they are written to be sooo different but working together so well, there certinally couldn’t be three daughter-like wives, threemoney grubbing wives, or three wife-wives…

Posting late, I watch on ON DEMAND and am catching up.

Margene got on my nerves this week, I wanted to slap her during the “Am I a polygamist?” scene with Sarah.

The question is legitmate for SARAH, she lives in a polygamist household but is unmarried and didn’t make a choice to be a polygamist and may not choose the lifestyle when she gets older. Margene, you married a guy that had 2 other wives and you knew it…you ARE a polygamist, no question.

And I thought her upstaging of Teenie’s baptism was just an attention grab.

Something I didn’t get, maybe someone can enlighten me.

When Pam was telling Margene about “braid” being a polygamist and informing the neighborhood watch to keep an eye out becasue of “What those people do to each other”, Margene seemed to (afterwards) interpret it as a threat.

I did not see it that way, I saw it as a Mormonesque, “hate the sin but protect the sinner” type thing…and fairly astute of Pam considering that they’ve been foreshadowing “Juniper Creek types kidnapping someone” for a while now.

But speaking of clueless, I don’t see how Pam can figure out that “The Braid” is a polygamist while being totally unsuspecting of Barb and Margene in light of the suburban compound they have, didn’t she ever look out the back when she was at Margene’s? And just who does she think Nicki is “polygamating” with? Possibly she thinks Nicki is a runaway polygamist bride, hence her concern for her safety, but if that were the case then I think Pam would think more kindly of her.

Last question…did Ben practice “safe sex”? I don’t recall any fumbling for a condom and given the show’s fondness for product placement I would’ve expected a shot of a TROJAN wrapper or something.

Might have to watch that part again in case I missed it, but I can’t help thinking maybe the girlfriend will get pregnant from the encounter.

Just my ramble, 6 days late.

Okay, I had a lot of the same questions. So here’s my take…

As far as Margene goes, I think all of her misteps can be attributed to her lack of maturity. The attention grab, i thought the same thing. But I also think that she feels like she can’t compete with the wives in many respects b/c they seem like “adults” to her, so in turn she ends up identifying and competing with the children.

As far as “The Braid”, Pam and Margene. I think again, she takes it as a threat b/c if Niki is found out I think she looks at is like she will be too. I half way think she also fears losing her friend if Pam finds out she is a polygamist even more than anything else. Which I think leads back to the lack of maturity.

I’m suprised Pam is not being more kind to “The Braid” as well, but I think that stems from years of being taught that polygamy and those who practice it are bad. I’m sure there is some fear rooted in her treatment of Niki.

As far as Ben and the safe sex, I’m not sure. I didn’t notice either, I think i might have to watch agian before tonight just to see…

Hope you get to watch tonight. Love to throw some more ideas back and fourth. Only a few episodes left…get it while its hot!!!