Big Love 5/14 (spoilers)

Weird/creepy to see that Bill’s parents have made up. Now what will Cindy do?

Nice to some flesh other than Paxton’s. After seeing that though I think Ben might be gay or at least confused. Cindy is a bitch. If something happens to Barb then Bill (their father and her legal husband) would be responsible for them. I think the neighbor suspects Margie is a polygynist now. Also I suspect Roman murdered Bill’s grandfather.

Poor Ben. I’ve never been a virginal teenage boy, but I suspect that a lot of first times were like that. Especially if you’re full of guilt about what you’re doing.

I loved Nickie this episode. She can be a bitch, but she’s the bitch you want on your side. :slight_smile:

Very true.

How is Bill going to provide protection for his “spy” if the guy is still living in the compound?

Maybe he’s gonna sell the guy a security system. :wink:

Or maybe he’ll have Joey watch over him. I dunno. It seems kinda risky.

It was interesting that Bill didn’t seem to consider that Holloway’s wives might not be trustworthy, especially after that bit with the phone. Who has first dibs on the wives’ loyalty? The husband or the religious leader?

Why does Bill think that Roman’s going to let the council in on his plans anyway?

Interesting to see how easily Barb knuckled under to her sister. She’s always seemed like a pretty strong personality, yet the best she can muster is an “I think you should leave” when Cindy is making overt threats.

Nicky grows on me every week. She’s scheming, yet devoted. She can be horribly reckless, yet probably the most competent at handling herself in an crisis.

And I see Ben becoming a big problem for the family. I think we’re on the road to a crisis of conscience for the young man, and even if it’s not really the root cause of his crisis (I’m 50:50 on his being gay at this point), he’s going to come to question the rightness of polygamy.

I also loved seeing Nickie stand up to Barb’s obnoxious sister. It was nice to see a wife circle the wagon for another wife like that.

Nicki’s standing up for Barb was great, and I think it came just at the right time too, when Margene was beginning to doubt everything. Margene’s baptism was more than a baptism for her, it was her officially becoming a part of the family, even though she’s been there a few years. It was good that it also made her stand up for Nicki to the meddling neighbor. I was waiting for Bill to say his white clothes didn’t fit quite right, though.

Did anyone else think that this episode might signify an important change for Bill? I think he’s starting to see that he’s the one who should rightfully be the prophet, not Roman. The whole thing with him being dressed in white and the name of the episode being “Baptism” set me to thinking, plus the conversation about what really happened to his grandfather. I think the baptism may have been just as much about Bill becoming the next prophet as it was about Teeny (Teenie?) and Margene.

Just wanted to give you the heads up that there is a BL contest worht checking out…althought I have every intension of winning :slight_smile:

He didn’t come out and say it outright, but I think it was pretty evident when he was trying to get his pants to close in front of the mirror. I think he just assumed he’s put on a few extra pounds.

I thought this was a great episode, which was a treat following the dull Sopranos episode we were subjected to.

More and more, I’ve been finding myself watching the clock during the Sopranos, counting down the minutes until Big Love! That’s a huge change for me. Sopranos has been one of my favorites for years.

Or else he still has the hots for Margene. Didn’t he run out of the christening when she and Bill started kissing passionately?

And didn’t Margene grow up in a polygamist household? If so, why wouldn’t she have thought of herself as polygamist all this time?

Nikki is the only wife to grow up in a polygynist household. I got the impression that Margene mother was single (wasn’t there a phone conversation about her dating in the pilot?).

Other than the “I have a boner” incident from what the second or third episode there’s been little to even hint that Ben might be gay.
“Oh my god he had awkward first time sex with a girl who emotionally blackmailed him into it! And then felt guilty about it. He must be gay!” Whatever.

Have they ever explained why Nickie is so mechnically inclined? She fixes everything when it breaks. Its an interesting aspect to her character. She fills the handyman role that Bill would if he weren’t an absentee dad most of the time.

I really love Sarah. I think she’s the most honestly written character. I look forward to any scene with her. Teeny is a doll too. She actually kind of looks like Barb.

I was really weirded out by Margie and Teeny hanging out while Marge smokes. I love Margie’s line about “You’re number two, not number one. Two is nothing.”
I think season 2 will be Bill exploring the role of the prophet and asserting control over the compound and the problems this will cause. Barb won’t like it and neither will Margie. Nickie will be in heaven though.

Barb’s sister was played by the actress who played April O’Neil in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie… therefore… HOT. Totally had a crush on her years ago.

Sorry, I had to post because all season I’ve been trying to figure out where I knew Ginnifer Goodwin (Margene) from and I just realized (I never got around to using IMDB) that she was not only Johnny Cash’s first wife in **Walk the Line ** - but she also played Warren Cheswick’s emo friend Diane Snyder in **“Ed.” **

I thought she was really cute then, but she’s definitely aged very well since.

Why the hostility towards the idea? But you’re wrong about the hints. In Episode 5, there were clearly lingering glances going on between Ben and another guy at seminary. He also tells Brynn “I think there’s something inside me that shouldn’t be there.”

There’s no hostility. I just think there is little to support it. I don’t remember any lingering glances from seminary but the “I think there’s something inside me that shouldn’t be there.” I read as being conflicted over his lust not necessarily gay lust.
Someone earlier in the thread equated the awkward virginal sex to him being gay.
And considering that Ben is contemplating polygamy that seems not in step with him being conflicted about his sexuality.

I’m not saying he won’t end up being gay (Willow on Buffy was a confirmed heterosexual until season 4). And I’m surprised that for a show created by two gay men the only views of homosexuality are creepyass Alvie and two wives playing footsie.

The other guy in seminary, IIRC, is his best bud and the son of another polygamist family (he’s Don Embry’s son, I think). They would share a bit of camraderie, in that either would be outcast if they were discovered to be polygamist.

The “thing inside [him] that shouldn’t be there” could very easily be his horniness. Since he was taught (and apparently convinced) that sex should only happen within marriage, the shame associated with being a normal horny teenager would not be too much less than the shame associated with being a gay horny teenager.

My guess is that they won’t make Ben gay simply because it would be too much of a distraction from the main storyline.

I don’t think Ben’s gay, I think he’s just a very badly written heterosexual teenage boy. I’ve yet to see a single believable scene in this entire season involving teen boys.

Although, given the context of Ben’s badly written character, I think the “de-virgining” scene was well crafted.