Big Love 5/21 (spoilers)

Only two more episodes left. Why is Rhonda staying with them.

If any of the wives die and Bill survives wouldn’t the children automatically go to him?

Yes, and they all agree to that. The problem is what happens when one of the wives dies and Bill dies.

I think it’s just while the drama competition is going on. Maybe it’s a long commute?

What a little bitch. I get the feeling she’d be a bitch even if she wasn’t living in the compound and betrothed to Roman.

Hard to believe Barb’s going through with the Mother of the Year, especially after being told that it was because of her cancer, after she learned that Margene was pregnant, and after she knew it’d involve more time away from the family. Nice setup for next episode though.

Does Rhonda want to runaway from Juniper Creek? She has delusions of being an actress, yet seems devout and excited about marrying Roman. Barb is such a hypocrite; she gave Bill a lecture on how they can’t have a public night and yet she’s in the running to for Utah mother of the year. And it likes look Roman is going to kidnap Ben. can we say season-ending cliffhanger


Bill is in debt up to his eyeballs (just dived in deeper to buy the shares) and thanks to his snooping employee their lifestyle is going to be exposed which will have a devistating effect on the stores. I think they will be driven to flee back to the compound.
In other news, Rhonda is spooky…


Bill is in debt up to his eyeballs (just dived in deeper to buy the shares) and thanks to his snooping employee their lifestyle is going to be exposed which will have a devastating effect on the stores. I think they will be driven to flee back to the compound.
In other news, Rhonda is spooky…

It’s hard for me to watch this show without gritting my teeth because of the way women are treated. Yes, I realize it’s just a tv show, but think the portrayals are fairly true-to-life.

That being said, this is excellent drama! A bit kinky, but excellent. LOL Do all women wear their bras to bed, have sex with their bras on?! Is Ben’s gf Brynn LDS even? It’s definitely a world that I know nothing about; I’m trusting that they are giving a fairly accurate portrayal.
Seems to me that the secretary is the one who is going to expose Bill’s polygamy. We’ll see in two weeks in the season finale.

Again, great show, but just hard to watch without wanting to really smack someone…(like any of the MEN! sorry guys!).

Nickie cracks me up. The greatest response ever to someone saying they love you: “You’re overheated”.

“Lucky for you, yours metastasized!”

Definitely hypocritical of Barb to pressure Bill not to form the league, yet agreeing to do all of those appearances if she wins the mother of the year contest. What are you thinking, Barb? Nicki is jealous, obviously. I couldn’t believe she just walked in like that during the photo shoot. And little Wayne asking if they were going to be in the picture too and the photographer’s answer that it was only for family was priceless. That should have sent Barb a message right there. With a polygamist family, you don’t exclude two-thirds of it to become mother of the year.

I wonder if Nicki will start trying to get pregnant for real now that Margene is pregnant.

Ben and Margene’s conversation while they were working on the yard was interesting. Ben is obviously feeling conflicted in so many ways. He has to avoid Brynn because he knows he can’t resist otherwise. His glance from Brynn’s short skirt to Margene’s is more proof that he’s conflicted about Margene as well.

I love how behind everything Nicki does, there’s an ulterior motive. For instance, the only reason she changed her mind about the will was because her mom said no. But of course she doesn’t tell Barb and Margie that, so they think she has a change of heart. I also loved the exchanges between Barb and Nicki and Margie and Nicki: “Am I warm?” “No.”

I’m excited to see how this season ends. I only wish we didn’t have to wait two weeks!

That was funny, as was the old guy’s complaint that Roman was going to “reassign” his wives.

Yeah, I loved that too. Can’t remember the wife’s name, but the comment that a bunch of men had their eye on her, and her reaction, was hilarious.

I think Rhonda is a mixed up teenage girl. She has these fantasies about being an actress and running away to New York but also holds tear to her status of being a future wife of the Prophet.

I liked the good bits of continuity between last week and this week. MArgie was really gung ho and excited and “so totally” into their lives.
Its strange that we haven’t heard much mention of Nickie’s ept in the last two episodes.
Bill’s incredibly shortsighted. The thing that will hurt him the most when the outing comes will be his stock in the UAB.
Okay call me crazy but here’s my prediction for the finale-

Roman dies (or ends up in coma). Bill and the family are outed. Bill has some sort of heart attack, car accident, etc… something that leads him to have a ‘vision’.

Next season plays out the power struggle for control of Juniper Creek. Bill vs Albie and other hardliners. Barb and her kids stay in town and try to lead normal lives while being harassed and suffer persecution. Nikie is overjoyed to be back at the compound and Margie is torn between the two.

Question about the opening credits scene- where they are gathered around the table saying grace…

the camera pans back to show them on a planet of their own, surrounded by other planets- is that a deliberate reference to the doctrine of deification?

Well, it’s apparently based on the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints, a polygamist sect that schismed off from the main LDS Church in 1935. Which, from all I’ve read about it, is every bit as scary as “The Compound.”

My Dad tells me that when he was in the Air Force in the '60s and '70s, Mormons in the ranks were too body-shy to let anybody see them naked, even while showering, and they always wore “Mormon underwear,” a kind of all-concealing longjohns. So maybe Mormon women do keep their bras on during sex. And maybe your Mom did, too. Almost certainly your grandmother. We don’t appreciate nowadays how all-pervasive body shame used to be in American culture.

Now that part I find hard to believe. Mormons, including almost certainly schismatic/heretic Mormons like these, believe marriage is forever. As in, for Eternity. Death does not you part – you will remain married in Heaven. See this GD thread: I can’t imagine there’s a Mormon sect where the leader could get away with “reassigning” wives.

The what?!

I laughed like a loon at the look on her face when she didn’t make the cut. Absolutely priceless. She obviously thought that she was a shoe in, and that being the prophet’s wife means she automatically gets what she wants when she wants it. Any idea where she went? I mean, Sarah went to get her after rehearsals, found out she got cut, and then that was it. :confused:

From the looks of the previews of next week’s show, Roman is going to flip his lid when he finds out Bill has that seat on the council. Albie remains creepy as all hell.

Some Mormons believe that people who are especially holy become deified in the afterlife.

Here’s the Wiki article (sorry, can’t get a better link, blasted flitering system blocks out religious websites)

Good call on them being forced to go back to Juniper Creek. Nicki will certainly be in her element. Maybe that will tempt her to make a move towards going above and beyond her rights as second wife, which I’ve suspected she’d try since the beginning. I could see her trying to oust Barb, although she’d obviously fail. Even her own mother shot down her decision not to leave her kids to Barb, which was pretty funny. Even funnier was how she told Margene she’d just “changed her mind”.

I called Rhonda running away a few weeks ago. I bet she will and end up in some sort of trouble which Sara will have to bail her out of.

Did I hear Bill wrong? Did he ask Don to take his kids if he, Barb and Nicki died? What about Margene? Talk about a slap in the face if I did hear correctly.