Big Love - 8/6

Kind of a catch your breath episode after last week but it sure cast a lot of material out there for future potholes.

Alby taking over for Poppa - No way that’s going to go well

Nicki - Bingo girl with stolen funds

Ben - Needs his girl back to take his edge off
I didn’t catch what Margene was carrying the plastic shopping bag until late. She was getting on my nerves rustling the thing as well, which may be the first time I’ve ever solidly agreed with Nicki :stuck_out_tongue:

I love how everyone has there own interpretation of their religion that it almost makes it pointless.

Everyone on that show does what they want regardless of Mormon principle. Only when their actions are public will they try to justify them with religion, otherwise, it is as if it doesn’t exist.

I’m getting that feeling, too.

Nicki being okay with the gambling wasn’t too surprising–we know whose daughter she is.

Speaking of religion…remember the part when Bill and Joey were having the conversation about knowing when it’s all right to take on a second wife, and Bill was going on about the Celestial Kingdom, and Joey replied that he didn’t have that luxury, he only had one roof and had to be more practical? I really liked Joey there.

When Barb was talking to Sarah (after Sarah mentioned going to a session for anti Mormons), she seemed so shocked. I get the feeling that Barb still considers herself Mormon despite the fact that they practice the Principle. I mean, I know she never wanted to really do this/leave LDS, but that was a but surprising.

They’re making it quite clear that Bill is going to be the new Roman. What with him calling the UEB meeting and playing his wives against each other, he’s not the good guy anymore.

So was it Hollis Green’s people who shot Roman? I missed the last few minutes last time. (I did like the reference to Squeaky Fromme, this ep.)

So Barb is angling for Sarah to hang out with Heather again so that Sarah can go to church with Heather? Heather’s dad was so hostile before, but after Barb’s overture, he was patting her on the hand. What exactly went on there? Was Barb admitting to Heather’s dad that she didn’t want Sarah to be a polygamist, that she wanted her to be regular LDS and that Heather and her family were a positive influence for that? That’s how I took it but I’m not sure.

I thought Alby was going to be the new Roman. Didn’t he take over for Roman in that Testimony or whatever? Though I don’t think Roman is going to die, personally.

Yes, those were Green’s girls. Anyone catch the reference last week to Selma as Hollis’ “Brother”? Interesting, considering she’s a woman.

I like how Margene is realizing her power in the family and asserting it. Lots of character development there this season, all to the good.

OTOH, the Bill/Barb marriage is not going well. Barb is obviously not happy living the Principle and doesn’t like the effect it’s having on her kids. I wonder if she’d ever leave him?

Can anyone explain what was going on during Alby’s testimony, when he was bending over to put his face in the hat? Was he supposed to be channeling someone, or receiving instructions from God? And what was the little thingee he was holding in his hand?

Nothing too funny about Lois this time… just all manipulative bitch.

I thought she knew Bill paid off Frank to marry her… it was at least strongly suggested BY HER that Bill do something about it.

If I were Sarah, I’d never speak to her again- which is sad since Sarah seemed to be the one person in the family who liked her.

Kinda a slow beginning to this one- my boyfriend and I were kinda scratching our heads at why Bill would even bother asking his wifes about Weber Gaming at this point. After all the trouble he and Don went through to get it- why would they even consider asking the wives what they thought? Then Don (I think) says something to the affect that they have to make them think they have a word in the decision.

Nicki and the freezer was pretty good- especially when it turned out to be Margene’s freezer. “I just borrowed it!” LOL

My boyfriend and I disagreed on this but I really thought Bill dropped the ball on his conversatin with Benny about his supervisors remarks towards Margene. I think he had to make him apologize to the supervisor just to keep from playing favorites but he could have told Benny he was proud of him for standing up for his family. Given the current situation and possible future compound residency VBG, having a son that wasn’t afraid to defend his family would be more important than making some pervy supervisor happy. Plus, they really IMHO destroyed Benny’s trust in the last episode (or at least it should have been destroyed) and it would have been a good opportunity to rebuild that trust. But Bill just had to be expedient as opposed to forthright as usual.

That’s what I got out of it too. I don’t think Barb wants to see Sarah follow her footsteps.

So, a week after I say that I was wrong about Ben having control issues, they reappear. Maybe everything is straight in Margene’s head regarding Ben, but I don’t think the same can be said for Ben regarding Margene.

Probably something to do with Joseph Smith’s method for “translating” the Book of Mormon:

During Alby’s testimony I was impelled to sing South Park’s “dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb” Mormon song for the first time while watching this show. From what I understood, his “testimony” (backed up by that of his mother’s) did include him laying claim to Roman’s “Prophet” title. Bill had no interest in claiming Roman’s leadership role, he just wanted to convince the UEB board to act like a normal business. But as the blind guy said, “We’re a religion.”

…Hah… Bill might not be willing to admit it yet, but he is setting himself up to take over Juniper Creek. The series has been building to this from the begining.

I just could not see this as a “catch your breath” episode. A lot of shit happened.

I think Alby is too stupid for that to happen. I think it’ll be Bill who eventually takes over.

The whole “let them think they have power” bothered me. Lately, it doesn’t seem like they’re all that different from Juniper Creek, as Sarah put it. They do follow the same Principle, after all…the one that Barb doesn’t believe in.

Was sad to see Lois getting so manipulative–I used to like her so much last season. And she and Sarah did share that moment last season in the "Easter " episode.

I think Alby is too stupid also, but he did pretty much claim Roman’s position, with his mother’s help, at the Testimony. How long he’ll be able to maintain it and how Bill gets rid of him will be interesting, though if Roman pulls through, the struggle will be much different. I imagine that Roman’s power will only be enhanced by having lived through an assassination attempt and near-death experience.

Does anyone else think they are building up to Barb leaving Bill? She seems so unhappy, and with good reason. Bill is not taking a turn for the better as a father, husband, or ethical businessman. In fact, as others have pointed out, he’s turning into Roman Grant.

I think we could see Roman actually hand power over to Bill rather than Alby.

Alby won’t be able to control the UEB council. He won’t be able manage the business end (the missing money wil lbe put on his head). His proclivities are known to at least Nicki and probably others. I don’t know if Bill is aware. Bill certainly was seething at the testimony.

I see they gave one of Alby’s wives a lot of face time this episode so she should become important.

I could see the story taking this turn. It’s obvious she is not comfortable with the Principle and the effect it’s having on the kid’s relationships outside of the family.

What the heck was Alby doing with that hat? Was he talking to it, or looking into it for divine answers, or what? Is that something that fundamentalist Mormons actually practice?

…Post #8 dude.

This is blending a couple of real life stories:

1- The murder of Rulon Allred by two “hit-wives” of rival leader Ervil LeBaron (who the Greens are definitely based on for several reasons)

2- Warren Jeffs immediate takeover of his father’s (also named Rulon) fiefdom at Colorado City/Hildale.

If art follows life, if Roman dies Alby will immediately marry all of his father’s wives (other than his mother of course) to cement his claim, and one of the hit-women will turn state’s evidence in exchange for immunity (and partly from real remorse).

I knew he wasn’t, but it sure looked like he was doing a ripper every time he poked his head into the hat!

Yes, I particularly liked that.

And I loved the part about Rhonda being on that TV talk show. And Nikki stealing Margene’s freezer so she could “give” it to her mother.

I really liked this episode a lot. So much interesting interaction between the characters. Margene being all practical about the gambling business because she’s got very young kids. You can really feel Barb being marginalized.

Yes, I was thinking that as I watched this episode. Maybe that will be the season finale. Roman dies, Barb leaves Bill, and we’re left wondering who will take over for Roman.

I remember Margene saying to Barb once, “I don’t think I could be married to Nicki and Bill without you!” I could see Margene being very upset at Barb leaving, while Nicki would see it as a promotion; Nicki has been ragging on Barb behind her back for being “too hard” on Bill and not submissive enough. I think Sarah would support her mom leaving, not sure about Ben, who has been acting like a nut lately. Bill would probably look for a 4th wife, while Barb might speak out against polygamy and the Principle. Would be interesting fodder for the next season, anyway.