Big O - Season two (Showtime!)

I’ve recently become a fan of the Big O anime television series which I watch on Adult Swim. Last night began season 2, and it left me a little confused, and feeling like someone was doing Alias, only in reverse. Sure, it’s to be continued, but I’d thought I’d ask a few questions :slight_smile:

  • Which came first, the manga or the TV show?
  • Did they not originally plan to do a season two? The last episode of the first season was a cliff-hanger which aired in 2000, and Cartoon Network claimed last night that they were the ones who convinced them to make a season two.
  • Has season two been aired before in the U.S.? I assume it was aired in Japan previously, when?
  • Is there any significance to the tomatoes?
  • Why does Adult Swim only show the first two seasons of Lupin III? (Okay, that was off topic, but it’s been on my mind.)
  • And do I understand what happened in the season two premier (see spoiler box)? (I haven’t seen any more of them yet (obviously) so no spoilers that far until next week.)Right as Roger Smith was about to attack the three foriegn megadueses (I don’t understand Angel’s, and the others comments at the point), he undergoes a regression to one of his implanted “memories”, placing his memories of the present into his vision of the past. He then questions his existance, whether that memory is real, or the one of him as a negotiator is. Finally, Dorthy convinces him that it doesn’t matter which one is real, it’s his choice. He chooses the latter, and then goes back that reality.

And I still don’t understand the episode about Dan Dastun and the film noir.

So, I’m the only one around here who watches it? le sigh

The film noir ep is basically an allegory about how you can’t trust French people.

I can’t watch Big O season two because I only have scrambled cable. :slight_smile: I can listen, though. And GEEZ was the season premerie confusing…

At least this way I don’t have to think about the fact that Dorothy is destined to be RS’s main squeeze, but she looks twelve years old and is actually only two.

Aaaagh! I forgot to watch the opener!!! I also started watching this show, kind of by accident. Does anyone else know if the first episode of the second season will be rebroadcast?

Adult Swim has this habit of constantly repeating thier shows until I’ve almost completely memorized them, and then yanking it.

  1. TV show was first.
  2. Nope, it came out much later. Originally it was supposed to end with that confusing last episode of the first season. O_o The later season came from ongoing popularity, from what I understand, and the request of the director to do more.
  3. As far as I’m aware, not in the US, and I have no idea when it aired in Japan (although it said 2002?)
  4. Tomatoes are yummy. :smiley: (Or should that be :mad: ?)
  5. Too much Lupin goodness and all the other shows get jealous.
  6. I have no idea.

I love Big O. It’s probably my favorite thing on Adult Swim, tied with Home Movies.

Aarrgh! I missed the first ep of season 2? Awww, man… :frowning:

Oh well. They’ll repeat it, and I haven’t even seen all of season 1 yet anyway (I ordered the DVDs, just waiting on them to come in).

I liked it OK. I was very glad that it deviated from the Big O formula: fifteen minutes of surreal investigation and pseudo-mystical rumination on the meaning of memory, and fifteen minutes of giant robot combat. I found it very psychedelic, which is perfect for me on Sunday nights at 10. I especially enjoyed the nonsensical stage-play section. If it keeps up like that, it could develop into Un Chein Andalou with giant robots.

My SO, however, HATED it. We tuned in expecting Home Movies or Futurama and got…whatever it was that happened. This week she knows what’s coming, so I might not get to watch it.