Big problems managing music on iPhone

Hoping someone here can help–can’t figure this out and the Genius Bar couldn’t help either. I have an iPhone SE, the souped-up 5.

I have a lot of music on my computer that I don’t ever want on my phone or to listen to on my phone. The only songs I want my phone to play are the ones I put on it. However, my phone shows me a list of ALL the songs on my computer. I don’t want to see that list, and I especially don’t want it to play songs from that huge playlist when I select shuffle.

I’ve turned off cellular data for music, but when I’m at home the phone will still stream music from my computer via WiFi when I select shuffle. The only way to make this stop is to put the phone in airplane mode.

Additionally, there are about ten songs actually resident on my phone–that I did not put there.

The guy at the Genius Bar basically said that’s the way it works and I have no choice in the matter. I told him if that was the case my next phone wouldn’t be an iPhone. But I just got the thing and I can’t afford to just ditch it now.

Meanwhile, what can I do to manage my music the way I want?

Just set the preference in iTunes to manage your music manually.

I have. That does not work.

Are you subscribed to iTunes Match?

No, not subscribed.

So you complain that things don’t work as you want without specifying how you set up your music syncing? That’s helpful.

In iTunes on your computer you can specify what you want to have synced to your iPhone. If you then ignore all the cloud/subscription stuff (granted, Apple keeps making that harder and harder) you’ll see what’s on the iPhone.

Would creating a playlist containing your desired songs help as a first step?

I’m not knowledgeable enough to answer your question with the limited info youve given but I have an iPhone 5 and easily manage my music. I have probable 3K songs on my computer. I usually have about 50-100 on my phone at any given time (I change them frequently).

The easiest way is to create a playlist and just download that.

Also, I believe you can specify in iTunes which folder on the PC gets synced to the iPhone. I have music in several places on my computer so I could just choose only one to be synced.

Dewey Finn - Thanks for that idea.
I don’t use many Apple products but I have an Ipod that works with my car’s sound system.
The problem I have is having a manageable system on ITunes that doesn’t require me to constantly babysit the selection from a large library into the Ipod.
Computer disk space is cheap. I should just hold copies from my computer library onto a separate file area on the same computer and point my ipod selection to that folder alone.

I have my computer set to manually sync songs.

The trouble, as I said, is that my phone “sees” all the songs on my my computer and even though they don’t live on my phone, the phone will play them when I select shuffle, which I like to do. So I get a bunch of Christmas songs. I want a way to make the phone not play these songs and only play what’s on my phone.

Did you switch on “Only Downloaded Music” from the Artists/Albums/Songs/Genres/etc. drop-down?

There’s a checkbox somewhere in iTunes phone management under “Music” that says “Fill empty space with music.” Did you accidentally check that?

That did it. This is what the guy at the Genius Bar could not–or would not–explain to me.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Still don’t know why there are ten songs on my phone I know I didn’t put there…but I’m declaring victory.