Deleting songs from iPhone using iTunes?

I have an an iPhone 4, OS 10.6.8, and iTunes 11.01. It’s easy enough to add songs to the phone, just drag and drop. Deleting is another matter. I don’t use iTunes Match and I don’t want to sync my phone. Googling has not helped. Can any of you?

Thank you in advance.

You should be able to delete songs right on the iPhone itself by sweeping your finger across the right side of the row the song is listed on, then pressing Delete (same as deleting emails etc.)

I can, but it is easier to delete a lot of songs through iTunes…theoretically.

I did it by autofilling it with an empty playlist.

Do you mean deleting individual songs, or all songs? Since you can drag and drop, it looks like you’re manually managing music. In that case can you click on Music under your iPhone on the left and delete songs?

I can access the list of songs through itunes, and click on them, but there is no way to delete them.

I don’t want to delete ALL of the songs, just a lot; I put lots of albums on the phone and now realize I only want a couple song from each.

ETA: yes, I’m manually managing music.

If you didn’t have the songs on the iPhone before you updated but you purchased it, there is a feature enabled by default that shows all music. to turn it off go to settings/music/show all music-off. Otherwise, deleting songs from iPhone, swipe from right to left over what you want to delete with iPhone Data Eraser.

I just purchased a Mac and had previously used a PC. I saved the iTunes folder from my PC onto an external hardrive. After downloading iTunes onto my Mac I opened iTunes and dropped my old iTunes folder into the application and it copied all the content.

My iPod synced fine. When I plugged my iPhone, it recognizes it and syncs it but now I’m unable to delete songs off of my iPhone or move new songs from my library into my iPhone. I used to be able to do this on a PC.

Any suggestions? Is it not syncing right?


What does it say when you try to delete? I assume you can delete songs that you added via the Mac?