Big temperature differences: is this bad for you?

Since my gym is a couple of blocks from my apartment, after I work out, instead of using the gym showers I just run home. Is it bad for you to go outside if temperature is FREEZING and you’re all hot and sweaty?


…paging Qadgop…paging Qadgop…

The doctor will hopefully be along shortly. :slight_smile:

IMO, I can’t see how it could be bad for you, probably do you good to cool off after all that exercise.

Isn’t that what people who use outdoor hot tubs do? And they’re NAKED :eek:

I don’t see why it would hurt you.

Thank yew, Sammy and Scarlett.

It sure does feel good being out the in sub zero weather after a hard work out.

Maybe it’s just an old wive’s tale I heard saying the temperature extremes make you sick.

Yeah, and don’t bathe during your “special week.” Those old wives sure were full of it.

In Jerri Nielsen’s book Icebound, she talks about joining the 300 Club.

“The qualify for membership you wait for the outside temperature to fall below minus 100F, and then sit in a sauna at +200F. When you can’t stand it anymore you dash outside the Dome- an instant drop of three hundred degrees- wearing only boots and perhaps a neck gaiter to keep your lungs from freezing. The hardcore run around the Ceremonial Pole, a three-hundred-yard round trip that takes three or four minutes.”

danceswithcats’ example would be bad, but I don’t think yours is, Lola.

You don’t get a cold from low temperatures. Huge differences in temperature can cause heart attacks in extreme cases, but the examples I read about in those cases are always about people jumping into freezing water, which is a far cry from running home a couple of blocks, dressed and with a warmed up body.

Then again: I am an economist by trade, so what do I know.

Let’s move this baby to GQ, and get some real answers. I’ll change the thread title to something more descriptive.

Regarding Jerri Nielsen, the weather guys say when it gets below 0F (-17.8C) that you should minimize exposure of bare skin to reduce risk of frostbite. I cannot imagine the risk of running starkers for 3-4 minutes at -100F (-73.3C), regardless of how preheated you got in a 200F oven.

But I agree with Coldfire. I used to run outdoors regularly when I lived in Michigan, in temps down into the teens F (I don’t know how cold it gets at The edge of reality… :)) and never suffered any ill effects. I would go out for about 40 minutes. It can be tough on your bronchii/lungs to vigorously breath very cold air, but you would probably feel discomfort (e.g., wheezing) before you ran the risk of serious problems.

You might want to wear a very light hat or a sweatshirt hood if your head is sweaty and feels very cold when you go outside, you’ll lose a ton of heat through a sweaty head.

Let your body guide you. If it feels OK, it’s probably OK.

My good friend in Winnipeg goes running at lunch, and leaves his warm, perfectly good government office to launch into the minus 30 (Centigrade) air, and it hasn’t hurt him yet. He is, of course, entirely insane, but that’s another matter enirely.