biggest hypocrite

Who is the biggest hypocrite in public life today?

The Person who says “I’m not a hypocrite.”

Roselie Bradford

Mario Cuomo is in a lower visibility mode now, but he always bugged me when he was the governor of NY. He would support abortion on demand, saying to the pro-lifers that he was personally opposed, but felt the people wanted it, and he didn’t feel entitled to overrule them. Valid argument.
He would then veto capital punishment every year, saying he was opposed to it, even though the people wanted it.
Mario, you vote for what the people want, or what you feel as their rep, but one way or the other.
Personally, I think he though he would vote for what Mario wanted, except trying to limit abortions would get him voted out of office.

Actually, while the stances could be an interesting debate, I guess the representative votes conscience/ votes for what the people want should be another board.

Well, that’s the problem, LNM. How SHOULD the rep vote? Should he vote the way the people want, or the way he thinks he should? Most politicians split the difference. I believe the term for that type is a “politico”.

A teacher at my school. At least that’s who the biggest hypocrite is in my life. He ranted about how he doesn’t understand why people embrace violent material, whether it be in movies or in books, and yet he’s the one who wanted to make his club’s Homecoming float into a scene from Sweeny Todd.

In case you don’t know, Sweeny Todd is about making people into saugages.

Easy: Rosie O’Donnell, who blindsided Tom Selleck into a debate about the NRA on her show, supports the Milliom Mom March, has publicly stated that people who own guns should be put in jail…

…and yet hired an armed bodyguard to escort her kid to school.

How about Laura Schlessinger, the holier-than-thou, santimonious, talk show ‘doctor’ who, before she became the poster girl for ‘family values’, committed adultery with a co-worker, and let the mope take nekkid pictures of her to boot.
BTW, her doctorate is in physical therapy or something like that, she is no more qualified to give psychological advice than I am.