Biggest lie about the third debate: "bad hombres"

Donald Trump did not say “bad hombres” (Spanish for “bad guys”)

He clearly said “bad hambres” (Spanish for “bad hungers”)

The taco trucks will take care of that.

This totally deserved its own thread.


The whole segment has to do with drug lords and bad people. “Bad hungers” makes no sense whatsoever except to a Trumpist.

It (surprisingly) sounds like the correct Spanish pronunciation of hombre to me.

I don’t know… are you sure Trump isn’t suggesting that cannibalism is the solution to illegal border crossings? It’s certainly a strong negotiating position when you’re talking about trade deals. :slight_smile:


Agreed! I was making fun of Trump’s pronunciation of Spanish:


I’m pretty sure Mr Trump was talking about bad hombergs and was promising to regulate the hat industry if elected.

High school Español was a long time ago but the OP is correct. That’s an “a” sound, not an “o” sound.

I wonder if a Spanish instance of the Caught-cot issue. Cause I don’t hear any difference from how everybody else says Hombre.

Not likely. Trump has never been known for modest proposals.

I heard “hambre” as well, but that is a variant American English pronunciation of “hombre”, at least it was until the end of the 20th century. I don’t hear it much any more, perhaps because people are becoming increasingly aware that it’s not actually pronounced that way in Spanish.

In the aftermath of this clamp down on the bad drug lords, will the good drug lords will be warmly welcomed and able to claim a tax deduction on their “Great Wall Construction” ™ levies?

In Spanish, the H is silent and the O represents a rounded vowel—like in “corn” rather than the father vowel.

Great, the only silver lining I was seeing with a Trump presidency was thinking he would deport Martin Shkreli.

I would assume Shkreli would be Secretary of Health and Human Services in a Trump administration.

Different Spanish accents can be all over the place with some consonants, especially soft c/z, soft g/x/j, ll/y, rr, s, and so on. But every Spanish dialect seems to have the exact same crisp and basic vowel sounds, a, e, i, o, u.

Con acento de patata.

His pronunciation was cringeworthy, and only understood in context. Spanish verbs are a hellish nightmare, but this is a language with only five vowel sounds, regardless of one’s dialect. It should be easy not to fuck it up.

Hey, at least he managed to avoid the Jache…

From the Washington Post:

The website still has a notice for “El Final Pinche Presidential Debate 2016.” And the menu includes such exotic dishes as Potato Salad and Mac & Cheese…