Biggest Loser - What a bunch of crybabies!

Has anybody ever seen this show? Are these fat asses serious when they cry that they have to go home because they are afraid they will not be able to continue to lose weight? It is not like the show has some magic program - it is just diet and exercise.

Why exactly can’t they diet and exercise at home?

Either they are just covering up that all they really care about is money or they are fucking idiots.

Just diet and exercise at home and you will continue to lose the weight just like on the show.

Fuck you losers.

Yes, it couldn’t possibly be because that’s what the producers told them they want to see. No, sir.


How many pit threads about fat people are you going to start?

What is your problem?

He’s a troll.

Fat asses.

Oh, yeah, this is gonna end well…

If that is what you think, why did you decide to post in this thread?

To let you know I think you’re a troll. And a moron. Duh.

Well, I guess you have a good reason to go along with your good attitude.

Did you not notice the “Loser” part of the show?

Meh, maybe… probably. But he’s a heck of a fun guy to read.

Hah! Dear OP, don’t listen to them. No I do not live under the assumption that you have multiple post-grad degrees, or are particularly sensitive to other people’s feelings, but I for one appreciate you and your opinions anyways.

Yes, I tend to have a taste for the bizarre and theatrical.

You know, despite what your name says, you’re really not all that fun.

You’re probably exaggerating about the two and a half inches too.

Troll, certainly. One trick pony? Check. Now that we’re getting him to start with the, “Nobody understands me!” I believe we’ve hit the trifecta.
Have a nice day, tiny dick.

The fact that with only two and a half inches to play with, the girl’s got to be a stick for him to get anywhere interesting, is my guess.

Hmm 2.5 inches, it appears that some members are taking an unfovarable view of your opinions. Perhaps it would help if you listed all the groups of people you consider to be crybabies.

Free personal trainer and being sequestered in a spot dedicated to weight loss? Why can’t they just duplicate that on their own?

Otherwise, yeah, it’s just diet and exercise.

I was about to say the same thing. Many of the contestants DO continue to lose weight at home, but not at nearly the pace that they did while still on the show.

I know that if I had a hardcore personal trainer yelling at my lazy ass every day of the week, I would be in much better shape than I am now.

Nice comeback.

I find it odd you mock fat people who don’t want to lose weight, as well as those that do wan to be thin? :confused:

To answer your OP- if you really want one, which I doubt- when you’re morbidly obese and lose weight it is literally a life changing experience. The fact that these people haven’t been able to lose weight outside the show makes them think the show has been the key to the weight loss and they fear they will fall back on their old habits once they return home and will put the weight back on.

It has been the key to their weight loss, because it didn’t happen before. They do seem to have that give up early attitude, which needs someone riding their ass to get them past it.

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I’d love to know what kind of friends you hang out with in real life. I bet it’s a wild night out drinking with your lot, given your odd tastes in people. :smiley:
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