I'm fat, you know it.

I just got done reading yet another thread where someone makes a mild rant about how un politically correct it is to comment on people being fat or Ally McBeal skinny.

Fine, it isn’t polite, but it isn’t the end of the world either. I’m a good 60 pounds overweight, and I’m not the least bit embarrassed about it. I don’t mind it when people call me tubby. When I laugh my belly shakes like a bowlful of jelly. And I like it. I love it. If I had such low self esteem that I let any of these things bother me, I’d stop eating so damn much. I am porcine and I am proud! And it is funny.

Now stop being so damn politically correct, or I’ll sit on you.


I’m overweight a bit, too. Um, I dunno, 45 pounds or something? All in my gut, of course, I only wish it were evenly distributed. But, oh well is my opinion.

<Weird Al>

And the whole world knows I’m fat and I’m proud
Just tell me once again–who’s fat?

</Weird Al>

Sorry, after reading the thread title, I couldn’t resist.

“Yeah, but some people think that fatties are nice”

  • Melanie

There is nothing wrong with me being a big tub of lard, except what I may think of it. Oh, and I’m pale too, like the Pillsbury dough boy. Hee hee.

You must cut an imposing figure in court! :slight_smile:

pbrtallboy, you just made the image of Weird Al from that very video pop into my head! Thanks for the memories! :slight_smile:

If I poke you in the belly, will you giggle?

Excuse me, is this the fat slut appreciation thread?
Or do I have the wrong address?

Yo, Ding-Dong, man, Ding-Dong, yo.

You ain’t fat! You ain’t nuthin!

I’m da big man in da well! 'Course I usually try to suck it in when I’m on duty.

Try it and find out!

Tee hee!:wink:

My sister is the best…people occasionally ask her if she is pregnant. She responds: “No, I’m just fat.” I love my sis.

Ok…not to turn this into any kind of a flirt hijack or anything, but…

I adore heavyset (i.e. fat, huge, great-big, gargantuan, pick-an-adjective-for-overweight) men. Always have, always will. Men that are considered by others too thin or even “normal” weight will rarely catch my eye. I always wanted some meat on that bone…[sub][sup]Ok…so I am hijacking…sorry[/sub][/sup]

When I was single, it always thrilled me to no end if some friend (and I use that term loosely) told me she didn’t like a guy because he was “sooo big”, because I knew he was the guy I’d be dating within days.

Good times. Goooood times.

Stay big, fat, and sexy, DPWhite. There’s lots more of us “big” lovers than you know! :wink:

I am one of the vertically and horizontally challenged - short and fat. I once spent half an hour wandering the men’s department of the local Monkey Wards trying to find pants that fit (why do they assume that everyone with a 48-inch waist has long legs and no ass?) until I finally walked up to one of the sales clerks and asked, “Where do you keep the fat-ass pants?” :smiley:


So How you doin’?



Oh, me too! I love pudgy guys. They cuddle so much better. Yum.

I consider myself zaftig…a size 12 is most comfortable, but I go between a 12 and a 14. On Wednesday, I ventured to class in a sleeveless shirt and knee-length skirt for the first time in months. My inner critic started to act up (arm-fat issues), but this pudgy cutie in my class leaned over during lecture and told me I had sexy arms. I would have waxed poetic right then and there about his big meaty thighs, but it was hot enough in the classroom already.

I met a prospective client the other day, and he was a dead ringer for Brad Pitt, but not quite as buff. Long hair, moustache and goatee. And I look a bit like Dan Ackroyd. Let me tell you, the ladies were eying our table something fierce. I was blushing mightily.

Well, the thing about this thread is that many of the posters making light about being overweight are the same people who fucking vehemently castigate anyone who starts a thread about obesity or fat people.

I will provide cites if you wish. This is hypocritical bullshit!

So it’s cool if a respected poster gives a mild/humorous rant about PC re fat people, but if some newbie posted the same thing, you all would rip him/her to shreds.

What the fuck is up with that? The SDMB Selective PC Police Strike Again!

Fat … an important component of breasts! Mmmm!