Biggest movie nitpick

Start of Star Trek Generations. The front of the Enterprise B is blown off and Kirk is missing presumed dead. Yet in TNG Scotty, who witnessed the destruction, said the first thing he did after crashing his Transport was to try and contact Jim Kirk. With what? A ouija board, he’s dead dammit.
By the way is that what counts as the grand death of James T Kirk in Generations? He falls off a bridge- how heroic:rolleyes:

[slight hijack]

I can’t think of any movies that bug me off the top of my head, but I have a TV nitpick. I’ll try to be brief. :wink:

In one of the first seasons of The X-Files, there was an episode called Ice, in which Mulder and Scully were called to a remote research camp near the Artic Circle where all of the staff had mysteriously lost contact with their base. Upon arriving, they discovered that one of the scientists had unearthed a parasitic worm from an ice core that could infect animals by invading the brain stem and cause excessively agressive behavior. The scientists had become infected and had all killed each other.

Chaos ensues, some of the investigating team get infected, it’s discovered that you can’t pull this worm out or the host will die. Scully discovers while looking at the worm under a microscope that two worms in proximity will kill each other. They test this theory by putting another worm into an already infected dog. The dog whimpers a little and passes out. They keep the dog under observation to see if the “cure” worked.

Here’s the sticker for me: one of the scientists comes out of the room where the dog is under observation and declares “It worked…[dog’s name] passed the worms in his stool.”

Ummmm…worms are latched to the brain stem. Worms fight and die, presumably still in the brain. Dead worms now somehow magically transport themselves into the dog’s digestive system (which is completely closed…only way to get in is at one end or the other) and are pooped out.

Huh?? That fact ruined an otherwise really cool show for me. <sigh>