Biggest WTF-endings in movie history



*Eraserhead * (although the whole damn movie qualifies as WTF).

I really enjoyed this explanation.

2001 Explained

2001: A Space Odyssey’s ending made perfect sense to me, and I’ve never even been on drugs when I’ve seen it.

Liquid Sky is full of WTF moments; the ending is just one of them. Gawdawful movie.

Al that seems way more plausible than why Marky Mark would want to monkey around with Helena Bohnam Chimp when Estella Warren was running around in a rag-kini for the whole movie. My version would have diverged right into “Duke tries to re-populate the planet…was there some plot about monkeys somewhere?”

Hell, Charlton Heston kissed the monkey-doctor in his version, but you can bet your ass he took him a little Linda Harrison along for a snack on the trail. Chuck recognized the allure of the rag-kini.

No, no, no. Everyone is completely missing the point about what the ending was really about. It was Burton’s passive-aggressive way of telling 20th Century Fox to go fuck themselves and to go get another director to sort things out in the planned-but-never-produced sequel. (Of course, this theory is just based on stories from the Hollywood rumor-mill that Burton was unhappy with the suits at Fox constantly looking over his shoulder and interfering with the production of the movie.)

This, for me, puts the whole movie into the “WTF?” category, not just the ending. I mean, Marky Mark and “Planet of the Apes” savages and everyone is wearing nice ensemble sets. Not a “rag-kini” to be seen.

Hell, Marky Mark wears long pants and long sleeves on the jungle/desert planet of the apes! WTF? Too embarrasing to run around in a loin-rag after all those Calvin Klein ads? Please.

Blair Witch Project. I straightaway searched the web for an explanation. I suppose it does make sense if you squint but I neither had the patience nor inclination to connect the dots myself.

Two Lane Blacktop.

Wow, you’re old! :smiley: I “saw” 2001 in utero–appropriate somehow.

My nom–Brotherhood of the Wolf. All this build-up about what the heck is going on and it’s [spoiler]an eeevil Catholic conspiracy :rolleyes:

Then how does that explain every other movie Burton’s made? All the one’s I’ve seen have been pretty to look at, but plot and substance was an afterthought. A very distant afterthought. Like from here to the monkey planet.

The ending to The Final Cut with Robin Williams. Good movie, but the ending just seemed to be something that they pulled out of their ass to end the movie. Another one is the ending to Lord of War, the film had started to go south before the ending, but what happens at the end doesn’t seem to make much sense at all.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion, with its studio & Selznick-mandated happy ending, and James Cameron’s **The Abyss ** – because *Deus ex Extraterrestrials * is just as stupid as its classical predecessors.

Don’t waste your time; there’s not much to connect. Why did they think not having a script was a good idea?

Anybody remember Zabriskie Point? Actually, I’m not sure if I do.

The Shining - what was that photo suppose to mean?

For that matter, I think pretty much every ending to every Kubrick movie ends up with the audience asking “wha…?” I suspect he was a riddle wrapped around an enigma wrapped around nothing.

My understanding is that the whole film is actually a dream sequence so it makes no narrative sense.

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry.
And the director’s cut of Blade Runner.

Haute Tension

Good, fast-paced, thriller/horror movie with, as the title suggests, lots of tension.
Then comes an ending completely out of left field with the added bonus of making the first hour and half totally implausible.

The very plot of this movie is WTF. Would you want a device planted in your brain where other people could conceivably watch anything you’ve ever witnessed in life so it could be played at your funeral? Fuck no, I wouldn’t. How long does it take an editor to wade through 75 years of a person’s life so he can make a 5-minute montage? And why would publically exposing the creator of the technology as a sick fuck affect the perception of it? Would people stop shopping at Wal-Mart if the CEO was arrested for child molestation? The entire movie makes no sense.

Mulholland Drive - but then that’s David Lynch I guess :slight_smile: I Liked it - once I got it untangled.

uh… a Japanese movie called Dead or Alive. I can’t even conceive of anything more WTF.

and I vaguely remember thinking “WTF” at the end of a movie called Nowhere, but I don’t remember if it was the entire movie, or just the ending that made me think that. either way I remember it was a bizarre and pointless waste of time.