Bike ridiing gloves that keep out the cold wind

Any suggestions for gloves that keep out the wind but aren’t so padded that basic dexterity is impaired? I have some very warm, insulated gloves that I’ve used when walking the dogs in winter, but they’re so big and padded that it’s like wearing a pita bread on each hand. The gloves don’t need to be waterproof (as we don’t have snow), nor do I plan to use them with any touch screens. I just want some that the wind won’t go right through.


I wear ultra-thin nylon gloves under my usual cycling gloves on cold days. But full disclosure-- I live in NorCal, so it’s rarely below 45 deg when I’m out on my bike.

I don’t know what brands are available in he US, but if you look for gloves made from Gore Wind Stopper fabric they may suitable. I use a pair under my regular fingerless cycling gloves in the winter.

Another vote for any thing from the Gore brand of clothing…

Their jackets are AMAZING. Perfect. Warm but not hot. Properly insulated so you can be active but not too hot. Not insulated enough for a stationary activity like deer hunting. But perfect for jogging/biking. Their Wind stopper/rain proof/ snow proof gear is top of the line.

For riding when it’s really frigid, I have a pair of “lobster” gloves like these. (And these happen to be Gore.) You still have your first two fingers for operating the brakes. I wear a pair of thin gloves underneath them.

And I swear I’m going to make myself a pair of pogies this year. My idea it to repurpose a child’s parka from the thrift store.

I finished a 25-mile ride a few hours ago and I’m STILL cold.

I’m just a neighborhood bike rider, but the other morning when it was in the high 30’s I rode for a short time without any gloves and just about froze my hands from the wind chill. Thanks for the suggestions!

FYI, I was talking about something like this. I never paid more than $10 for a pair. I’m sure the Gore stuff is nice, but it’s very pricey.

Deerskin gloves work great for bike riding. They’re thin, supple, and strong with good grip. Often they’re sold at hardware stores as work gloves.

This. Gore Bike Wear was made specifically to keep the wind out but still be permeable to evaporation so that your hands/body don’t oversweat and get wet from that.

Windstopper-based Gore wear will keep out the wind (very, very well) but not the rain. The regular Gore stuff will keep out both, but is less flexible.

These are the pair I’ve used for 4-5 years and they are absolutely amazing… I buy another pair whenever they wear out (for me, usually at the fingertips):

Pricey, but worth every penny when you wear it daily… or 2x per day.

Was a bike commuter for years, now I ride a scooter (which from a wind-chill perspective is worse).
I found a set of thin hunting gloves at Ollies a few years ago. They were designed to hide your scent, or so the ad claimed, so I figured they’d be fairly windproof, and I was right. Around $10 for the pair.
I would wear them under my fingerless cycling gloves, and as it got colder I would wear wool gloves under them. And when it got REALLY cold (temps in the 20s), I’d wear cotton gloves under the wool gloves. And have cold hands,

I finally wore a hole in those gloves, and wore the rest of them enough that they were letting wind through. Now, one of the layers in my gloves is a pair of nitrile (non-latex) gloves. They come 100 to a box and my workplace orders them for employees to wear while inspecting the gas pumps for leaks. They are heavier than the :exam gloves: one might get at CVS.
So far, it works like a dream.

I am, however, looking to upgrade sometime soon. Something warm, but not too warm, waterproof, with a padded palm, and a loose enough fit that I can wear them over other gloves when it gets super cold. Warm and rainy I have a cheap sent of fingerless gloves that dry fast, and I can wear nitile gloves under those. But cold and rainy means stretching a pair of nitrile gloves over whatever gloves I’m wearing, and that winds up feeling weird and leaking around the cuff.

They work well on my bike commute down to 25 below zero.
(Shamelessly bragging):smiley:

I don’t like those because your first two fingers must stay together (& I like to wrap just my middle finger under the brake hoods). I have the men’s version of these as my cold winter gloves. Their great.
ThelmaLou, if 30°s are normal, you want winter gloves, if that’s colder than normal, there are some good Pearl Izumi gloves (also sold at REI) that are not as insulated/thick & better in the 40°-50°s range.

Pearl Izumi makes nice stuff. Many of the full finger gloves from Fox would also work. Just about any bike shop would have something that would be just what you need. Also, if you stop by an auto parts store they have mechanic’s gloves which are also good for riding.

I’ve settled on Swix cross-country ski gloves. Synthetic leather palm for good grip, and a couple layers of nylon backing are pretty windproof, fairly warm, flexible, and when rainsoaked still provide warmth without getting too waterlogged.

I get them slightly big so on cold days (<20F), I’ll can add thin nylon gloves underneath for a little more warmth, but sounds like that’s not a big issue for you.

We call them hippo hands, and you can buy them at any decent ski-doo/ATV shop; we use them at work when we have to quad when it’s below zero.

I have also used a set of windstopper gloves and they work great!

Another option = pogies. Great word, huh? They are little wind deflectors for your hands.

I haven’t tried them personally but the ones the owner of my local bike shop has on his own bike:

Wow-- those are clever.

A company called Scootr Logic makes something similar:

(I have some complaints with Airhead as a retailer which aren’t relevant here.)

About the “lobster mitts”:
I, too, don’t like bundling my index and middle fingers together. I like being able to separate them. But I have noted for decades that my ring finger and pinkie are lousy at keeping themselves warm but do okay if I can somehow stuff them into a single finger of a glove. And also that I almost never use them independently. I have long wondered why glovemakers insist on keeping each of the five fingers separate, when 4 fingers seems like it would work better.

Which is why someone turned me onto “Shooters Gloves”. Still not what I was looking for, but another option for folks. It is basically a mitten except that the index finger is separated from the others.

Great googly-moogly! That’s exactly waht I’ve been loking for.

I wonder who is getting me those for Christmas. :wink: