Biker Gangs and the Meth Trade

What is the role now of the biker gangs in the meth business? In the late 80’s they controlled it entirely, but since the passage of the Meth Act has driven production down to Mexico, do they still play an active role in its distribution? Do the gangs now interface with the cartels and provide distribution services for them, or have the cartels driven them out of business? Or do the biker gangs still control part of the business and are now in direct competition with the cartels? If I buy a 'teenth in Bakersfield, where is my money going?

You’re assuming that that production has been driven down to Mexico – that’s not true. Domestic production of methamphetamine exceeds imports, and has been climbing since 2007. And yes, biker gangs are still very active in the business.

I hear high school chemistry teachers are getting into the business these days*.
*Warning: everything I know comes only from watching TV

The other day in a suburb just south of Kansas City (on the Kansas side), I was in the pharmaceutical section of the local Target store at 8 AM, when I observed a man reaching for the rubbing alcohol. He cleaned out all the rubbing alcohol they had … about 2-3 gallons. He looked like a stereotypical biker (hair, beard, shirt, boots, chained wallet).

I am absolutely positive he wasn’t using the rubbing alcohol to shine his bike.

What about tattoos? Beer stains? Wifebeater? :rolleyes:

Cite? This implies what exactly?

Rubbing alcohol is commonly used in the first step of a couple of meth manufacturing procedures; psuedoephedrine is broken down in a solvent of some kind, like isopropyl alcohol, Heet, methanol, acetone, etc. Somebody buying a huge amount of rubbing alcohol might have a legit use for it, but meth is at least a possibility.