Bikers have low sperm count?

I’m pretty sure this is not a myth. If this is true, how much of an impact does a daily 1 hr city bike ride have, on average? Are the effects long term or ST? Is there any LT or ST damage to anything? What is being compressed that causes a drop in sperm count?

Thanks in advance.

I understand this is mainly a problem for BMX bikers, mountain bikers and the like. Jumps and bumps and the like tend to squash the genitals fairly rapidly (and painfully, I imagine).

Starman is correct the problem is not as severe for road bike riders.

It’s not because of jumps and bumps but more so because of time spent on the saddle and mainly applies to road cyclists who do high mileage every week on the bike, +400 miles.

This sounds just like the briefs or boxers dilemma. I would assume myth.

Here’s a good article on this topic:

It cites several studies that suggest a link between bicycling and impotence as well as low sperm count. It’s not conclusive though, since there are only a few studies with very small sample sizes.

As I keep saying, a recumbent bike eliminates this (potential) danger completely. It also reduces stress on your neck, back and wrists.

This sounds just like the briefs or boxers dilemma. I would assume myth.

I agree, it does sound like one. But that doesn’t mean it is. But, assume away if it blows your skirt up… :wink:

I don’t think i am talking about getting ram-roded in the crotch by your bike seat, i’m talking about long distance road cyclists like themasterg said, or anyone who spends a lot of time on the vibrated seat, including mountain bikers.

Is it safe to assume if i am not feeling any significant pain or discomfort, i am ok?

That cite was good, but couldn’t provide any real answers.

This might be answered by some educated speculation about that area getting compressed for long periods of time…

The biggest concern for some career cyclists and very dedicated hobbyists into cycling for long times is impotence.

There is a nerve and/or vascular issue centered in the area between the scrotum and the rectum…the nerves/vascular system in this area are bearing the load when the cyclist sits on the seat. Typically, the buttocks don’t rest on the seat so that leg motion is not inhibited.

Of course this is different than almost every other time we site, since the load goes on the very sensitive area where nerves and the vascualr system tie into the penis. If blood flow is restricted due to damage, or if nerves are damaged, it could very well lead to impotence.

From what I understand, it’s also a tricky kind of impotence to overcome, because the damage tends to have lasting effects.

Low sperm count and/or infertility is also a risk, but can be managed a bit better.

In both cases, prevention and awareness can help drastically.

But the impotence issue due to damage in that area is probably the biggest challenge for cyclists: Very delicate nerves and a delicate vascular system that effect erectile function, which take the brunt of a cyclists load when sitting.

New seats, sitting habits and other protective gear might help.

Most likely, but you may want to seek out some professional assistance on your bike set up (ie seat height, fore aft adj, stem length, etc).

In the few studies that I have read, the cyclists that have the most problems had their bike set up incorrectly and noticed some discomfort, but continued riding. Some cyclists even rode a double century (200mi) with pain and/or numbness. :eek:

As far as personal experience, I spent about 7 years riding high mileage with no problems. Many of my racing buddies had no problems either. I think that having your bike set up correctly greatly lowers the risk of problems. YMMV