Biking in Long Beach, CA??

Not sure if this is the right forum, but I’ll be in Long Beach next week, and thought of bringing a road bike along. Does anybody have suggestions for training routes that connect with downtown Long Beach (I’ll be at the Convention Center), but aren’t too crowded with traffic? Even if it’s only 5 miles, I could still do laps. Oh, and I don’t mind hills, if there’s some good climbing to be found. Thanks in advance.

I’m positive there is a bike path that runs along the beach. I know it can get crowded with roller bladers though. Here is a site with some information.

dale is right. And the Convention Center is really close to the beach, so you’ll be able to easily get down to the beach, and you’ll have miles of bike path to ride on, north or south. Since it’s right on the beach, it’ll be flat as a pancake.

The convention center has (fairly) easy access to the Los Angeles River Bikeway, which runs along the LA River and goes north for some distance. I happened to ride this stretch on Monday:

There is a designated bike/multi-use path running right by the convention center on the north side of Shoreline Drive. Proceed west on it, and follow the signs and markings for perhaps a mile. Some stretches will be clearly marked bike path, others will be very poorly marked traverses through Catalina cruise boat loading areas. Persistence and a general westward compass heading will get you through.

It’ll be pretty obvious when you reach the LA River and the Bikeway proper - there are signs and the path will be clear. Mile marker 51 is painted on the ground near the start, although I’m not certain where the origin is (51 miles away, presumably :smack: ). I live near Mile 46, and have only gone as far north as Mile 40 or so.

In the opposite direction from the convention center, somewhat farther, and perhaps not as simple to get to, is the San Gabriel River trail, which goes all the way to the San Gabriel Mountains in Azusa. (The beach path will get you most of the way there, but I think it peters out near the Marine Stadium and leaves you in a lurch unless you know where you’re going. I’m not sure about this, though.)

All of this is generally quite flat. Right now Signal Hill near the Long Beach Airport is my training climb, but it’s not really that high. Some roads up it are extremely steep, though - I’m in terrible shape at the moment, so Signal Hill and me are a good adversarial pair these days. :slight_smile:

The Palos Verdes peninsula, on the other side of the LA and LB ports, has significant elevation. I’ve never ridden over there, so I can’t comment on how easy it is to get over there.

Some maps and more detail can be found at

Hey - thanks for the tips!!

I have run along the beach path in Long Beach, so I may try running that again this trip (it seemed a bit crowded for riding). The path along the LA River sounds do-able, and with your suggestions I was able to improve my googling terms and find this:

Thanks again guys (gals?).