Bikini wax for men?

I’ve decided I want to get a bikini wax, or actually a brazilian. Except I don’t wear bikini’s, I wear boxers. Because I’m a guy. So, have any guys had this done? I have a few questions, and I know that some of the ladies could answer a few of them…

  1. Where can a guy get this done? Do most waxing shops that do women do men?

  2. How much should I expect to spend? I don’t want to go cheap or anything, I just want a ballpark figure.

  3. What kind of pain am I talking about (from the men)? Is it as bad as I expect it to be?

  4. How do they actually do it? I mean, what type of positions fo I have to get in to?

Thanks for any answers you can give. If anyone wants to give some stories of the own experiences, that would be great!

Well, here’s a related thread…

Ah, thanks whatami I had to join a 12step program just to get over the LAST thread that was done about this. (cornflakes, linked thread)

Now, I have to go call my sponsor.

Well, I got some views, but no one with experience.

I set up an appointment for next Tuesday, so barring a waxing tragedy of some kind I’ll give you the details. (I know you people want the sick details! :))

I can’t believe no other men out there have gotten one…

Why do you want to hurt yourself like that, man?! In Og’s name, WHY?! :eek:

I went for a bikini wax today, my first; and the woman who did the waxing asked me if I had a man in my life who needed to appreciate what I was about to go through for him.

I got a kick out of that - she was advocating that the man who insists his lady get waxed either a) observe the reality of that request or b) experience it.

In all honesty, unless you are some kind of exotic dancer, I don’t see a need for this; but good on you if it is sheer curiosity. I can’t see you doing it twice though :smiley:

I’d be, umm…shocked to see that a guy had his bikini waxed. Then I’d get the F outta there. Just my .02.

Trimmed, yes. Waxed, no.

Not too long ago, there was a thread regarding testicle waxing. :eek: I don’t know how to link to it, but you can find by searching. IIRC, there were quite a few guys who’d waxed some part or another. It might give you some insight…

I decided to do it because I want it clean shaven down there, but I hate to shave it. I can never seem to get it quite as close, and get all the spots that I want. I think the feeling of sex (expecially Oral) is much better when there’s no hair down there to get in the way.

I don’t know that I’ll do it again after this, but I’ll certainly try it once.

Well, I got it done.

I have to say it wasn’t even as bad as I had anticipated.

I arrived and was shown into a little room with a bed shaped like a bed in a doctors examining room, with some sheets on it. She had me take off my pants and underwear and lay down on my back.

I asked her a few questions and she answered them, she was very nice about putting my doubts to rest.

After that it was RRRRIIIIIPPPP away. She just started above my penis and kind of worked her way down around one side and then the other. It really wasn’t too painfull. Mostly at this little area to the left and right, and down just a little from my testicles…

We had some good coversations… Apparently she’s been getting a few more men lately. She has about 9 right now. She didn’t know of anyone else in Portland that does men, but there are probably a few out there.

The worst part was when she began to work on my ass. I only had her do the crack and inside it. It was a little painfull as well, but I think I did okay. I had to get in a little but of a compromising position for that. She called it the porno position. On my hands and knees with my lower back pushed down a little bit. It kept my cheeks spread and the wax went on. Then RRRRIIIIIIIPPP

I really have to say I love it. I’m definitely going to keep getting it done. It will probably end up being once a month or six weeks.

Probably the most embarassing part was just when I dropped my jeans and boxers. She was most assuredly hot and I started to get a little chubby. I apologized profusely and was pretty emBARE SSED. She put me at ease though and withing the first rip, it was gone. Besides, she was gay and married so she sure didn’t care. :wink:

Well… That was it. I was a little suprised at the cost. $60 seems a little high, but I suppose you pay for the experience. Anyone know how much would have been a good tip? I tipped her 15, hoping it was somewhere in the right area… If I was wrong, I’ll have to make sure I make up for it next month!

<round of applause> Bravo, huzzah=)

and congrats=)

I have been thinking of getting it done soometime around christmas - we have a rule that christmas and birthday monies have to be spent on anything but necessities…

<but I am chicken as I am fat, and I hate it when skinny broads look at me like something that crawled out from under a rock=\ they assume i am a fat slob who just sits on my ass and eats candy all day, and that is far from the truth=]

I used to work in a spa (not as an esthetician), and we did get men who requested bikini waxes. Are you a hairy-legged man, whatami? If so, do you have a glaring, hairless triangle of skin now between a furry belly & furry legs? I always wondered about that.

Anyway, the spa in which I worked charged $100+ for male bikini waxes, depending on how much hair needed to be removed. People of both genders commonly tipped 15-20%, so your 25% tip was very gracious.

I’d ask for ‘before’ & ‘after’ pics, but I’m afraid of getting thrown off the boards. :slight_smile:

I am a pretty hairy guy, so it’s verryy noticeable. My gf says that makes it even sexier, so I’m pretty happy about that.
I’m glad the tip was around the right amount. I don’t mind tipping when I think it’s worth it, and it definitely seemed worth it to me.

Well, I guess that completes the story…

Stay tuned for my next adventure… The haircut! :wink:

Hey WhatamI.
$100 for a biki wax! I’m a swimmer in UK, and for a bikini wax is like £20 which also includes a half leg wax as well.

Try buying a home kit and ask your gf to do it, saving you money…

So in 9 years, the price of a bikini wax has dropped 80%??

But I bet the pain is still just the same!!! :smack::confused:

That is some cheap waxing you have there. I had a bikini with a half-leg yesterday, and with tip it was $120.00. My regular place is cheaper but they were completely booked.

whatami, you can buy a pouch or jockstrap and wear that. It will be moved to the side when necessary.

I wax my legs, arms, and underarms a couple of times a year and I can’t even imagine wanting to get a bikini wax. Putting hot wax on your legs and yanking it off is one thing, but that’s way too sensitive an area to fool around with.
Plus, $100 does seem a lot for a bikini wax. I googled my local salon, and they give “basic” bikini waxes (whatever that is) run $35. Do you think your salon charged you more since you were a guy?

A bikini wax takes off everything that will show in a bathing suit–usually cleans up the edges of the pubes, thighs, etc. A Brazilian takes off everything, right up through the labia to the anus. Everything. A Brazilian usually runs between $50-$75 at most places. A male brazilian would probably cost more because the aestheticians aren’t as familiar with it, can’t do it as quickly and takes more time, and the fact that I imagine it’s more challenging to avoid ripping the very delicate skin of the scrotum.

There was a thread fairly recently about a guy that was getting a Brazillian laser treatment. That is, permanent hair removal of the pubic area. I would hope that poster would check in and let us know how that is going.