Bill 602P ...... email surcharge ??????

Does anyone have any info about this bill?
Is there a list of congress persons and reps that can be emailed about this? (collect, lol)

poppyp asks:

Yeah, I have information on it: it doesn’t exist.
See as to why this claim is total yivshish (among other things, “602P” is not a legitimate bill designation).

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Not sure we’re talking about the same thing Akat. I remember the long-distance charges for Internet access, which indeed proved to be false. Taxing e-mail would seem a bit different…

Akat has it right. Only the Federal Government could have jurisdiction over the internet, since it is used for interstate commerce. All federal bills would either have HR or S as a prefix.

omniscientnot writes:

It would be. However, it still doesn’t exist (let’s see if this list-thingee works, I love taking chances):
[li]“602P” is not a valid bill number in the U.S. Congress or the Canadian Parliament (poppyp does not make clear (to me, at least) whether the U.S. or Canadian version of this BS is being referenced; they’re both BS, however)[/li][li]There is no Tony Schnell MP or Richard Stepp QC[/li][li]The alleged editorials on the subject never appeared[/li][/ul]The soi-disant “e-mail tax” just has too many errors of fact for any seriousness to be attached to it. That the subject has been changed slightly does not, to me, increase its authoritativeness.

“Gold cannot always get you good soldiers, but good soldiers can always get you gold”

Don’t feel bad, though, poppy. I was fooled by the earlier version of is UL, the one with the link to write your Congressman. I actually wrote, and my congresswoman wrote back to tell me that she wasn’t aware of any such bill existing. :o

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It’s a total hoax. Read the article at this link.

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My humble thanks to you all for your expertise and knowledge! I’m just a new guy here and I appreciate your help. The “Teeming millions” would not let it happen! I shoulda’ known.
Thanks again, q hqqoq…er, bobby b…uh, poppy p

Just got this bunk forwarded to me and turned to the SDMB to debunk… Right as usual. Bumping this up so I can email back the snopes link etc. to the person who forwarded it to me when I get home from work tonight.

It has gotten so bad, that the postal service is addressing it directly: when you go to the first thing you see is a little hypertext link E-mail Rumor Completely Untrue that points out the UL is bushwa.


Everyone flame the new guy…Sorry man its painfull but you have to learn.