Bill Cosby is finally being charged for sex crimes, it is about damn time

At least one of the victims has said that the two were in a consensual sexual relationship at the time, but he drugged her and raped her while she was out despite the fact she was willing when she was conscious.

That, to me, says that it’s really not at all about having a willing sex partner, paid or unpaid. He’s a guy who gets off on having an unwilling sex partner.

I don’t have a brilliant legal mind, but giving a woman Quaaludes in order to have sex with her doesn’t strike me as consensual. How is it different from slipping her some GHB?

Has anybody checked with the morgue to see if they have occasionally ‘misplaced’ some bodies?

His position is that she wanted to take the the quaaludes before sex. If true, there’s nothing criminal about that (except for the illegal drug use)

Fair enough. Thanks for the info

Yeah. I know people who took Quaaludes for an enhanced sexual experience. Personally I think they slept through it and assumed it was enhanced, but no one cried rape.

Exactly. I don’t know why, since we’ve been saying it for forty years, but people keep forgetting, or are wilfully ignorant, that rape is about power, not sex. This is a classic example. A willing partner is no fun. I also wonder if the cops are taking a special look at their unsolved murders. Killing her by accident is always a risk, and killing her on purpose is just a short step.

We’ve already got one thread on the subject, so I’m closing his one.