Bill Cosby: Rapo

Has anyone seen any of this stuff?

Woman accuses Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her.

Cosby says encounter was consensual

Woman has tapes of phone conversations
Fox News is reporting that on the tapes, Cosby makes the accuser a substantial amount of money to go away. The accuser turned him down.

Another ex-lover of Cosby says he drugged her too.

Another woman who is now an attorney says he drugged and assaulted her 30 years ago
Family and friends corroborate that she told them at the time.

It’s looking pretty grim for Cos, man. I know, innocent until proven guilty and all that, but what are the odds that all these women are going to keep independently inventing stories that he drugged them?

I always knew there was something assholish about him, but who knew he was such a fucking weirdo sex offender?

I saw the lawyer woman on Fox and she’s totally believable but I still have no doubt that Cosby will skate.

The sad part is the drugs were in jell-o pudding.

From the last link:

Hardly credible.

She sounded credible to me. Plus she told people at the time, 30 years ago. She’s not just making it up now.

I don’t see how drug rehab makes her uncredible.

Drug use which was sufficiently bad as to require rehab might make her uncredible.

Though if her addiction began with a laced pudding pop…

The article does not say that.

Bolding mine.

Chemical addiction does not mean someone is a liar, nor does it mean they can’t be assaulted.

How about the fact that she told people about it 30 years ago? Coincidence?

Is there anyone on earth who couldn’t be villified and discredited if enough money and resources were put into it? How many of us would come out looking like virgins. And don’t forget that anything which is drug up will be framed and spun in the most negative way possible, while anything good will be ignored. Can only perfect people be credible?

She was on Fox tonight. She did not go public 30 years ago and she did not file charges but she DID tell people and those people are corroborating her.

Thereby fulfilling Warhol’s statement.

Why did he try to buy the latest woman off?

What about his ex who said he did this to her as well?

Mark my words, more will come out.


Because of people like you, who will automatically believe her story no matter what.

Yeah, what motive could someone possibly have for maligning the name of an ex-lover?

Not that I’m saying he’s innocent. I’m just not prepared to lynch him just yet.

I think it’s too much of a coincidence that three different women would come up with this independently. I bet there will be more women.

You bet. Band+Wagon=Opportunists. :rolleyes:

What’s the opportunity? To be demonized in the press? None of them are asking for money.

It seems to me like celebrities have a built in immunity for sex crimes because it’s impossible for a victim- even multiple victims- to make an accusation without being evsicerated by the public and accused of wanting money.

While listening to the jazz music!
I for one don’t think this is a clear case at all. Certainly holds less water at this point than a White Ford Bronco.

It’s obvious, this guy is just as guilty as that disgusting rapist Clinton. Fucking rapists, right Dio?

Is “rapo” a word? I mean, even in slang? What the fuck are you people doing to my language?

Only one person ever accused Clinton of rape. Cosby has a pattern.

Prison slang.