Bill Cosby admitted (in 2005 lawsuit) that he drugged women for sex

Details here (the paperwork from the lawsuit was made public).

This should kill any doubts that remain in anyone about his guilt.

That’s not quite what the story says.

There’s a huge gulf of difference between, “Hey baby, I got these 'ludes. How about we take them and then have sex?” and “Here’s that Coke you asked for. It was out in the sun so it might taste a little funny but don’t worry about it.” (Or even, “Hey – if you have sex with me I’ll give you these drugs.”)

What I read in the article you link is consistent with the first scenario.

I express here no particular opinion on the ultimate issue of his guilt.

Yeah, that’s really bad.

Don’t know how that quote tag got in there.

Quaaludes destroy lives.



Thanks Bricker – maybe we’ll have a more detailed picture if the full documents are released soon.

Have to agree with Bricker on this one, what little is revealed in that story indicates that he only admitted giving drugs to women with their knowledge, either in return for sex or just as a prelude to sex. That is not what all those accusers are saying happened to them.

Also echoing Bricker that I am intending to express no opinion here as to his guilt in those other cases.

Wow iiandyiiii, you are really bad at the whole reading comprehension thing, aren’t ya?

As Bricker noted, Cosby admitted to getting drugs for women he hoped to have sex with. Cosby did not admit to drugging women so he could have sex with them. That is a very big difference.

Cosby is still an ass, but we should at least try and be accurate.


Here are the full court docs. I’m reading them now.

Long, and mostly lawyers bickering – from what I can gather, Cosby admits to getting drugs for women and giving drugs to women (or at least one woman) for sex, but he didn’t answer the question about whether he gave drugs to any women without their knowledge.

Obviously giving drugs to women in exchange for sex, or consensually to enhance the sexual experience, is not exactly fodder for Man of the Year award nominations. But it’s not the substance of the accusations against him, either.

I shan’t be sharing my pudding pops with him anytime soon.

Yeah, Cosby doesn’t admit to drugging anyone - actually, he doesn’t say much of anything at all. His council doesn’t really let him talk. Mr. O’Conner certainly comes off as a jackass throughout, but I can’t say that the disposition says much about Cosby or his actions.

I think the public has more or less made up their minds about him.

I was under the impression that he would be more likely to want to share his pudding pop with you

At his age, it’s probably just Jell-O.

Instant puddin’

I know plenty of people who’ve never had sex not under the influence of some sort of substance. And they’ve done so thousands of time. Consensually.

I’ve always preferred to be clear-headed, but there was a stretch that I had to drink or take Nyquill or something to have sex with my wife.

I don’t think he ever actually says either way. He just says that he used the drugs for sex, and doesn’t answer whether it was consensual or not. Still, I agree the reporting on this could make the distinction a little clearer.

But in anycase, given the number of woman who’ve said he drugged them against their will, the fact that he was definatley using such a drug for sex makes the case for it having been consensual pretty thin.