Bill Gates-666

I received an E-mail a few weeks ago, about Bill Gates being perceived as the anti-Christ.
Among other things, it stated that there is a secret area inside the Windows 95’ program entitled, “The Hall of Lost Souls.”
It went on to give instructions on how to enter another area of the program which would allow you to see something “very disturbing”, but did not explain as to what it was.
Has anyone else received this E-mail and/or witnessed this disturbing whatever it is?

Yeah, I’ve gotten that one several times. It ranks right up there with the load of crap about bar codes. I don’t know anything about the “Hall of Lost Souls,” but I’d be willing to bet there is no more to that than there is to “It takes guts to say Jesus!” virus.

It’s amazing to what annoying uses e-mail has been put! :slight_smile:

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I agree that it’s probably a load of crap. But how did it say to access the “secret” areas? Was it something obvious, or was it something like, “If you play your Windows 95 disk backwards, you can here Bill Gates saying ‘I buried Steve Jobs.’” :smiley:

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There is a windows program with a Easter Egg in which you “walk” into a hall with portraits of the programmers on the side. It’s just the usual stuff programmers stick in there, but I can see how someone would call it “the Hall of Lost Souls”.

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Yes, it is there. The “Hall of Lost Souls” is in Excel 95. Here is the procedure to find it:

[list=1][li]Start up Excel 95 with a new worksheet.[/li][li]Move down to the 95th row.[/li][li]Select the entire 95th row.[/li][li]Tab to the second column. That would be column B.[/li][li]Select the Help menu option then select About Microsoft Excel…[/li][li]Now hold down both the Shift and Ctrl keys and at the same time click on Tech Support.[/list=1][/li]A Doom-like window will open up.
Use the arrow keys to move and climb up the staircase in front of you.
When you’re done there, turn around and move to the far wall on the opposite side of the room.
While standing in front of the wall, type the following keys: EXCELKFA

There is a different Easter Egg in Excel 97

[list=1][li]Click the New button to create a new workbook and then press F5.[/li][li]When the Go To dialog box appears, click the Reference entry box and type X97.L97[/li]Then click OK.
[li]Now, press the Tab key. At this point, you should be in cell M97.[/li][li]Press Ctrl-Shift and hold down the keys while you click the Chart Wizard button in the Excel toolbar (the icon resembles a colorful chart).[/list=1][/li]The screen will briefly go black, and then you’ll find yourself in some weird virtual world.
Use the mouse to steer around (Use the left-mouse button to move forward and the right-mouse button to move backward).
After traveling around for a while, you should see the credits screen and a lake area. Be sure to look for the monolith.

Control-Shift-Esc gets you out.

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Oh yes, its “The Hall of Tortured Souls”, not the hall of lost souls.



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