Bill Maher is back on the air!!

It was ‘eh’. The best part of PI was that you knew that one (or two) panalists wasn’t taking it seriously and it gave the show a lighter air about it.

In this show the panalists are serious about it, and you get the sense that its more CNN and less entertainment anymore.

Hell, if I really wanted news and talking heads, I already have a bunch of newschannels to pick from.

Big time agree with ISiddiqui.

I don’t like watching pundits like Coulter with Maher because they’ve shown up to play a part, and they’re going to play it. I prefer the old format’s ability to get (comparatively) normal people with unrehearsed opinions to talk about issues.

Coulter can’t shock me no matter how much she tries because I know that she’s studied all of the issues and determined her “eye-opening” stance on them ahead of time.

I would have liked more Larry Miller. I thought Silverman was really funny.

It’s funny, stolichnaya, that people complained about the people that don’t know anything about politics (Hell, I might have been one of them ;)), but those people made the show see more off-the-cuff and lighter.

With the pundits you DO get the feeling they’ve rehearsed their positions before. I never noticed until now about Coulter, and how she purposely tries to shock.

You took the words right off my keyboard. This no-talent, brainless hack should be on local-access cable somewhere…or, if there were any justice, in a cardboard box under the freeway.