Bill Maher is back on the air!!

I knew it was only a matter of time. From TV Guide:

Yowsa!!! A whole hour with NO commercials and NO bleeping of swear words! This is gonna be great! (But…what happened to Arianna Huffington? Didn’t she agree to “do him the honor” of being the first guest on his new show?)

I think he’s very sophomoric.

This is great news. Politically Incorrect was one of just two shows I regularly watched (the other being the simpsons), and after PI got taken off the air and the simpsons… lost something… my TV hasn’t been doing much.
Great show. I didn’t even realize how much I’ve missed it.

Curses! I forgot to watch. Any reviews?

I haven’t seen Politically Incorrect for a long, long time… it was on way too late in the Chicago market. However, this new show really turned me off – his guests didn’t discuss anything, they just yelled at each other, whoever was loudest got the floor. And Maher was yelling right in there with the rest of 'em.

Then there was what I think was supposed to be a comic routine by some woman, that I found completely unfunny and disgusting. As an example, the opening joke was: about a 7-year old who decides she is a lesbian, and her mother punishes her by saying “No pussy for a month,” At that point, I turned it off.

It was great. I think his guests are going to be much higher quality than PI (There are less people, and each person seems to be on the other end of the pole). It was pretty good- not the greatest monologue, but the rest of the show was good. He really slammed Anne Coulter a few times.

Anne: “What we really need is a missile shield.”
Bill: “Why, so they won’t shoot box cutters at us?”

Sara Silverman did standup at the end of the show (A different comedian will do standup every show). It was really racist, but she’s hot so it’s okay.

Ah, Anne Coulter, conservative psycho-bitch.

Like Sarah Silverman she’s hot, but the crap she spews isn’t as forgivable because:

  1. It’s not funny.

  2. She actually means it.

That’s a damn shame.

True. Because it means if this show fails, Adam Corolla gets a show, spreading more stupidity across the air in the space of some moments of actual intelligent debate.

I watched it. IMHO it blew politically incorrect out of the water. Great show, It’s is already set up to record each week on my Tivo. Yes the panelists did yell at each other and talk down to each other, I think that’s why I liked it, It’s like a live version of the average thread in GD. also, Sara Silverman kicks ass.

More PETA.

I just thought it was funny that he looked at Anne Coulter dead on and said “you just make shit up, don’t you?”

It tickled me so much I had to call my mom and tell her.

Damn, now I wish I’d seen it.

I can’t stand Bill Maher; I think he’s an even bigger megalomaniacal tool than the man he’s replacing, Dennis Miller. I already disliked him for the way he wouldn’t let those who disagreed with him speak on PI, and God forbid if they were a conservative Christian (which, for the record, I’m not), they were going to be the butt of jokes and audience jeering as soon as they opened their mouth. In addition, I’ve never once said to myself “This is a really difficult and complex political and social issue… it would help me so much if I knew what Werner Klemperer, Rick Springfield, Jackie Collins, and the girl from Becker thought about it”. But then his incessant whining about how he was the victim of post 9-11 censorship made me want to take a weedeater to him.

No son, those who opposed the Nazis, Peronism, and the Supreme Soviet were censored; Christian missionaries in Islamicist countries are censored; demonstrators in Tiannemen Square were censored. You were cancelled. There’s a big ass difference and you are spitting on the suffering of anybody who has been censored when you lump yourself with them.
Censorship is when they physically restrain you from expressing your opinions by throwing you in jail, destroying your printing materials, or threatening any station manager who gives you airtime. Cancellation is a business decision based on market shares and other objective and subjective criteria. NOBODY has told you that you can’t make whatever whiny asinine and unprovable comment you want to make in any public place you want to make it- that’s your right as an American. What’s not your right as an American is to get paid millions of dollars per year to make said comments. (If I’m wrong, please let me know because I have lots of whiny asinine unprovable comments to make and I want my money.)

Maher acts like it’s a big deal to diss the government, political figures, celebrities. Where has he been? Is he totally insulated from books, movies, other TV?

I can’t believe he thinks what he does is somehow special or iconoclastic. (Is that a word?)

I liked Dennis Miller. Good guests, one at a time, and he’d let them talk. (But then I liked Joe Pyne.)

I watched it last night, and I thought it was funny but I was not used to him swearing, it kind of seemed forced. That lady was loud but it still didnt make her arguments any better wrt the treason issue… the best part was when chris rock came on… look forward to seeing more of his show in the coming months… with that I watched Da Ali G show after and was pleasantly surprised… something to watch on a friday night now.

I liked the show, but then I liked PI when people actually discussed things instead of yelling at each other.

One thing that really annoyed me is that idiot Sara Silverman. She is just about the unfunniest comedienne I’ve ever seen.

I was disappointed by Sarah Silverman. I though she was pretty funny on the Hefner roast, but her set on this show kinda sucked.

I haven’t seen the new show. I got tired of his self-righteous arrogance on PI.

Oops. Hit submit prematurely. I forgot to add "On the other hand, I would love to see him say that to Ann Coulter.