Bill Maher on Real Time September 7, 2018.

I DVR’d Real Time with Bill Maher. So I just watched it now.

But did anyone notice on his September 7, 2018 show he was slurring his words? Quite a bit in fact.

I got to tell you, I am in favor of anything that involves consenting adults, including drugs. I also have to tell you, I have never taken illegal drugs.

I do drink from time to time. And although I am not drawing a conclusion, he kind of reminded me of how you get after an alcohol bender the day before. The alcohol is mostly out of your system. But a little of the buzz remains.

It was kind of sad. Because he wanted to have Jim Carey on his show for a while. But his hangover dominated the evening.

It’s the first time it happened. And he is one of the producers. So I guess he can do whatever he wants.

Anyone else see the show and notice it too?


I didn’t notice the slurring (we watch the show every week), but I did notice a pointless and nasty little jab at native Americans during the opening interview segment. I like Maher, but he’s got a lot of blind spots and subtle bigotries that he seems unaware of.

The only thing I noticed was a few stumbles in the monologue like the “chocolate nose” but nothing unusual.

I noticed it and put it down to smoking a joint before coming on stage.

in case anyone wonders what he said it was “even Indians can make money with casinos” and added “well it’s not in their heritage”

Despite Maher saying he’s been wanting JC on for a while now, I got the distinct impression Bill was annoyed with Jim and his shtick. In fact, you can even see Bill physically push Jim away when he was trying to do “New Rules”.

I think that they have been trying to think of new ways to be funny about this, for years now, and it’s wearing a little. The jokes were not as funny as usual. I think that has an effect on his presentation and demeanor. He’s a comedian after all. I thought Carrey was great. I think his appearance was appreciated.

I noticed that Indian remark, and def thought to myself that I would have phrased the same joke by being empathetic with the native americans he uses in the joke, first of all by not saying “Indians.” Good start there.

Yeah, I generally agree with Maher on the broad strokes (minus his woo ideas about vaccination (no surprise he admires Carrey a lot) and diet and his friendships with some really awful people) but he can be a bit of a dick.

Now THAT I noticed. Jim Carrey is accustomed to being center stage. He doesn’t seem to understand his role of being part of a panel. Every comment Maher made he had to stick his 2 cents in. It was annoying to me. I can imagine how annoying it must have been for Maher especially when Carrey kept leaning in like that.

I remember Carrey doing a bit on The Larry Sanders Show. His bit on that fake talk show some 20 years ago was almost the same as his bit on Maher the other night. Lol

I just watched and didn’t hear any slurring. Sure, he flubbed a line. So what. If you watch late-night shows you’ll see the hosts flubbing lines regularly. It’s more amazing that they manage to get all the rest of them right. They don’t spend weeks rehearsing as if it’s a Broadway play.

To be frank I didn’t notice any hamboning of Carrey that wasn’t part of what he was supposed to do by being there. You kind of have to play along. He was outside the shot breaking in cause he was giving the host a hard time or making fun? It’s his job. When he’s on the show do you think the producer and director say “Hope he doesn’t attract too much attention, especially away from the “real” talking heads we have”

PS: We hear from those same people about this sh-t all the time. We don’t hear from Jim Carrey. I don’t watch his movies but I loved it.