Bill O'Reilly calls internet posters "the criminals at the computer"

In a recent “The Talking Points Memo” O’Reilly got just about everyting wrong. He said the internet had put nearly every famous person in the country under siege. He is irate.

Celebrities get criticized by posters! :mad:

And, the posters don’t work for big corporations! :mad:

They post what they like! :mad:

They can’t be sued. :mad:

And, some of the criticism is inaccurate! :mad:

O’Reilly calls posters, “criminals at the computer.”

In his view, freedom of speech extends only to a point. And, the point where freedom of speech ends is where the mighty Bill O’Reilly is getting criticized. Awwww. Poor baby! :wally

Hot damn! I’m a rebel!

Actually, people who post libelous things can be sued, just as they can if they had libeled someone in another medium. It’s a bit more challenging to identify the perpetrators when the Internet is the chosen medium, I suppose, but it isn’t like libel law ends at the DSL line.

Agree that the TPM is mind-bogglingly stupid, even by O’Reilly standards. He’s basically just saying “Internet BAD!,” because his examples are so damned inconsistent. He complains about libel and slander and then brings up NAMBLA’s website encouraging child molestation as an example. Huh? What does one have to do with the other?

But here’s my favorite stupidity:

Hey Bill: you’re criticizing webloggers for picking up an allegedly flawed news story from a traditional media outlet. Y’know, an outlet of the type that supposedly operates with those “restraints” which you love so dearly and which ostensibly prevents inaccurate reporting.

Hey december we are criminals now! Should we go into hiding yet? :wink:

Damn the Pit! Start a couple threads on the missing WMD and now I am a criminal.

Just when you thought O"Reilly could get any more stupid or self-centered he digs deep and sets a new low.

When december and I agree on an OP, you know somebody screwed up! :smiley:

I’m flattered that he pays attention to me.

I may have allegedly read a post on the internet that allegedly insinuated that Bill O’Reilly may have been implicated by another internet poster in what may have been an alleged preschool prostitute ring. This same fantastic and incredibly credible source may have allegedly posted that when asked for comment O’reilly may have allegedly implied that there’s no better sex than sodomizing a tot.
Or may be not

We are in The Pit aren’t we?

Yeah, you gotta hate that pesky First Amendment. After all, little people like thee and me shouldn’t be allowed to have opinions or anything.



Aww, take it easy on him. Bill’s really upset that he can’t hang up on the posters.

That and that they can point out his never-retracted lies.

I love danger! I’m walking on the edge! I’m crazy! No one can stop me!

When they outlaw the Internet, only outlaws will have Internet access.

Huh? They can get away with it because they work for no one? And that’s dangerous?


Maybe Billy should move his sorry ass to Europe.

Scary. Euro-Dopers what the fuck is up with this? :eek:

Having the greater burden of judging accuracy is the price we pay for free speech.

He seems to think that it’s good that everybody have corporate sponsors stifling them; I think that’s one of the biggest reasons we have such a dearth of viewpoints being represented in the media.

Welcome to the Dark Side, december. As an inveterate poster on Internet message boards, you are now among the Forces of Evil.

Glad to have you aboard! :slight_smile:

Bill O’Reilly strikes me as the kind of guy who reads 1984 and comes out of it with the the impression that the thought police were merely misunderstood.

And then they can only have my internet when they pry it from my cold, dead hands. :wink:

Polycarp and Palpatine both begin with P and have two p’s, like tow ‘peas in a pod’. The plot unfolds, Polycarp is the evil Emperor and the Dark Sith. That is why he is running for the presidency, that would of course mean that Esprix running for Vice Presidency is Darth Vader.
Urrghhh, why can’t I breath, blacking out, must hit submit …


O’Reilly sounds still ticked off he got upstaged by Franken

Daft Bastard.

HEY! You there! Yeah, You, with the opinions! knock it off!

Damn you, hopefool! You beat me to it!

Bill O’Reilly can bite my ass and choke on it.

Rate THAT, censor boy! :smiley: