Bill O'Reilly mentioned my hometown newspaper....I'm so proud!

In today’s Most Ridiculous Item of the Day, Bill O’Reilly calls the St. Petersburg Times “ultra-liberal” and “the worst newspaper in the country”. Apparantly, we win, also.

I’ve never been so proud to be a reader of the St. Pete Times.





ultra-liberal, huh? What, did they have an editorial saying that maybe Iraq wasn’t such a hot idea?



I am so envious of your citizenship in the city that can claim such a newspaper! I’ve always loved St. Petersburg, but this puts y’all over the top!


(BTW, I’ve never been to O’R’s website before. Just on his home page his name appears twenty-five times!

I remember that special feeling. :smiley:

Bill O’Reilly calls The Globe and Mail a “far-left” publication. Fwaah!

Uh, as far as Canada is my “home town,” I guess.

Actually I think the article wasn’t even critical of Bush & Co., it was about some comments O’Reilly made. I really want to find the offending article now.


What would you expect from a Big Blubbering Vagina ?