Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show tonight - they debate on Saturday

11pm Eastern

Stewart was billing it as a “debate” but I’m not clear if it’s just going to be a typical Daily Show format, where the guest banter takes up 5 - 10 minutes, tops.

Anyway, I figured I’d give people a heads-up to watch or set their DVR. And then, after the show, we can have a thread to discuss how O’Reilly is such a good sport for giving Stewart the opportunity to make him look so foolish.

I hope they pick someone not Lehrer to moderate.

Meh. They both know the business they’re in, they’re both using each other, and they both know the other one knows, too.

O’Reilly is just a regular Daily Show guest tonight. The debate is on Saturday.

The debate is called “The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium.” It will take place October 6 on the George Washington University campus, and will be streamed live on the Internet PPV at $4.95.

Stewart appeared on Fox News yesterday to talk with O’Reilly and this is another publicity apperance to boost sales for Saturday.

Here’s an article about the Fox Faceoff.

Ah, okay, thanks for the info. Now that sounds much more interesting, but I’m not sure how many people are going to spring for PPV, even at $5. Anybody planning on watching that?

PS: Hey Marley, can you change the title to “**Bill O’Reilly on The Daily Show tonight - they debate on Saturday”


Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart seem to have a genuine mutual respect for each other. No really! They have been on each other’s shows before and what comes accross to me is not phony.

They are in the same business, fake news.

I’m planning on ponying up the $5. It’s not that unreasonable a price, and (I believe) a portion of it goes to charity.

For anyone interested, or who wants more info, here’s the official link to the site where you can order the PPV of the debate:

Stewart and Colbert were particularly hilarious tonight, the day after the debate. I actually think Colbert was much funnier than Stewart, which isn’t my usual opinion.

But I gotta say, Stewart’s bit with O’Reilly didn’t really make ponying up for their PPV debate particularly compelling, IMO. Might just wait and see if they show some highlights.

This has to be the most exciting TV non-event since Jon Stewart’s March To Nowhere or whatever it was called.

So did anybody watch it?

Here’s another thread over in Elections with some commentary and a youtube link to the entire debate. (I have no idea how legal that link is, or how long it will last up on youtube.)