Bill Richardson Endorses Barack Obama - Start of the Shift???

Bill Richardson Endorses Barack Obama. This is a big deal for the Obama Campaign. Coming off a dicey week, Obama picking up a major party endorsement serves to show that the superdelegates, and some party heavy hitters know Barack is the candidate to back. Sure Richardson may be hoping for a veep, but he’s also showing other supedelegates that if we as a part want to get a dem in the White House we are going to have to start hitting the GOP right now! And get this thing moving before Denver.

This will not be taken lightly on the side of the supers. I’m expecting Pelosi to come on soon, and perhaps some of the other large heavy hitting dems soon after that.

Question, what does this mean for the Obama camp? And what will it mean for furthering him along the campaign trail?

What the blue blazes are they waiting for anyway? If just 50 were to jump on the bandwagon right now, that would leave Hillary in the hole on states won and popular vote and pledged delegates and superdelegates. They could end this right now if they wanted to.

It’s definitely a little bit of good news when the Obama camp needs it, but is it the start of anything major? I don’t know. I think a lot of the remaining delegates are content to wait (unless that rumor about Obama’s 50 superdelegates ever comes to pass.) We’ll have to see what kind of coverage this gets. CNN and the NY Times are both giving it some major space.

John Edwards hasn’t made an official endorsement yet, has he?

Official or otherwise, he has not endorsed anybody.

What this means is that Bill Richardson has picked who he thinks will be the winner, deciding that he’d better get on board now if he wants a shot at the VP slot.

Sort of ironic considering his level of suckup to the Clinton campaign previously.

The predictive value is iffy.

The predictive value is twofold: Richardson, an experienced pol FWIW, clearly expects Obama to win; and his endorsement, FWIW, makes it slightly more likely he will be proved.

But, no, this is not the event to finally collapse the uncertain wave-state of this election.

Looks like Superbowl with Bill was just an excuse to drink a few beers and chat…

What this says, is that dem leaders, and superdelegates are going to take a second, and third look at Who Obama is, What his administration may look like.

And in the end, it says party leaders want to stand by a winner, and are ready to stick their neck out for him. To be honest, he’s going to need all the help he can get to get a dem in the white house.

I believe this is the beginning of a shift. Any earlier and I’d be skeptical. This late in the game, dems want a face to put in the white house now…not after denver.

Schroedinger’s (Straw) Hat

I got this in my email this morning. I’m still trying to figure out how I got on his mailing list.

I think there are more than a few in the backrooms that share this belief. From what I am garnering from my little Obama corner in CT, all eyes are on BHO. To be honest, if you simply look at how he has conducted himself and his campaign he has really taken the punches like Joe Louis and given speeches like a gentleman. I’m looking forward to see what he does next in terms of hitting McCain on Iraq -which he did a great job yesterday, Clinton on the Economy and taking this whole campaign by the horns and yet holding onto some emotional restraint. Very nice.

As I’ve been saying, the primary audience for Obama’s speech the other night was the remaining voters who matter most - the supers, and the one that I was most expecting to be swayed to action by it was Richardson. Nice to see I can be right sometimes.

Richardson’s endorsement means something at this particular point, and it hasn’t since his inaction before Super Tuesday. He pulls some weight with other supers (no fat jokes please) and I suspect will be on the phone working the list. By PA’s primary day it will be clear that a majority of supers are going for Obama. I doubt Pelosi will come out any more clearly than she has until it is clear that party leadership is telling her to leave the race.

The interesting thing about this endorsement is the fact that Richardson served at the cabinet level in the Clinton administration and has remained pals with Billy-Bubba. Richardson is saying, in effect, I may like you a lot, but I’ve gotta go with the guy I think will do the best job as President.

Will this be significant enough to displace Wright as the talking head fodder for the week end? Unfortunately I suspect not. Now if Edwards came out at the same time … together calling for party unity … that could.

Richardson alone? Probably not. But we don’t have to wait for Edwards. We’ve also got that passport thing.

Now if Gore and Edwards and Pelosi were to join in, Hillary’s candidacy would not only be merely dead, it would be really most sincerely dead.

I’d be surprised if Gore endorsed, at least before the convention. He seems to want to be above politics and all about environmentalism, and neither Obama nor Clinton have made that a priority.

I agree. Gore will certainly endorse the eventual winner, but he is now larger than politics and has achieved non-partisan elder statesman status. Pelosi, on the other hand, should get off the bench and join in the game.

To some degree it might be hypocritical for Pelosi to say “this should be decided by voters, not superdelegates” and then endorse Obama and encourage the superdelegates to hurry up and get behind him.

Is that appropriate given her position as one of the party’s national-level leaders? I mean, it’s like asking Howard Dean to endorse Obama or Clinton.