Bin Laden audio tape

Why not video? Did we blow his ass off and he’s a basket case? He could make a video tape in fron of a sheet and we wouldn’t know where is was.

Because audio tapes can be transmitted via the phone. For example, OBL makes audio tape, hands it to buddy. Buddy goes to phone and calls Al Jazeera, and plays the tape. Al Jazeera records a copy.

Tough to do with a video.

  • Bjorn240

They say they got it the same way they got the video tapes…a guy from Pakinstan brought it to them.

Ok. Did they say how he got it?

When they reviewed the last audio tape, they reported that the difficulty they had in determining if it was indeed OBL stemmed from the fact that it had been recorded at least once over a phone line.

I think the point stands that it is easier to transfer audio information than video information, given currently technology.

If you want to debate personally, call me on my videophone… :slight_smile:

  • Bjorn240

They said they got it “like the others”, so I guess that makes the Pakistani guy in a trench coat and a phone call equally likely. :slight_smile:
Can’t find a cite. but they lie anyway.

I don’t know, I just find it odd that at first, he was making home videos like the Walton’s at Disney World…yet after our “big invasion,” it’s been nothing but audio. I’m thinking we’ve hurt him, if not killed him, but his people aren’t quite ready to make a martyr out of him.

I seriously, seriously doubt it’s a real tape. Ditto the previous audio tape. (Which was “confirmed” as genuine by “unnamed” US officials speaking off the record but ruled fake by named European experts speaking on the record.)

If OBL has altered his apperance, I doubt that he would want to provide pictures.