biochem/phamacology question

With all the new extended medications on the market I have a related question…

Lets say you have the flu and you take an XR type medication that gives you 24hr dosage. After 6 hours you get sick and expel your stomach contents. Now I know that your stomach hold things for about 3-5 hours so after that is all the medicine in your intestines so you will continue to get the full dosage in your bloodstream? Or does extended drugs just sit in your stomach longer? Or does it depend on the medication?


Come on NOBODY knows? :smack:

This page explains a bit about extended-release medications in general.

Mostly, these pills are designed to dissolve slowly in the intestine and be absorbed at a slower rate, keeping the plasma levels of the drug fairly constant over a longer period. So my guess would be that even if you empty your stomach a few hours after taking the pill, you would get the appropriate dose because it’s already in your intestine.

I’m sure that someone with more expertise will be along shortly with better explanations and cites.

thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: