Bioluminescent Algae Photos

Extremely cool looking

Beautiful pictures!

Wow, so beautiful! Thanks!

But, that got me wondering — what is the purpose of bioluminescence in algae, from a survival or evolutionary standpoint?

That’s really cool. I’ve only seen this once in real life (at a beach in New Zealand), but it wasn’t nearly that bright, although it certainly was enough to catch our attention.

I swam in a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico some years ago. It was one of the more uncanny experiences of my life.

I’m guessing you’re speaking of Vieques? amazing place, but unfortunately it was a cloudless full moon when we went, so while cool, it was not mindblowing. We’ll do it again though…loved Vieques!

I got to swim in a cove on Santa Catalina island at night several years ago. The plankton there gave off tiny flashes of green light if they were disturbed. So, swimming in that water was like being surrounded by fairy dust. It remains one of the most awesomely cool things I’ve ever done.

So, does that mean that bioluminescence in that case is to scare a potential threat?

It was Vieques (although I’ve heard there’s another one elsewhere in PR). And yes, Vieques was heavenly. (When I was there, the Navy was still there, but that wasn’t noticeable to me.)