Birmingham Section of London?

I know there’s a Birmingham, England. Is there also a Birmingham section of London? How is Birmingham pronounced in GB?


There are probably streets named Birmingham Street, there might be a few other similarly named places, but AFAIK, there’s no ‘Birmingham section’ - not even sure exactly what you mean by that - do you mean a cultural enclave (like, say, Chinatown), or just a district or borough named ‘Birmingham’?

And it’s pronounced (in BBC English, anyway): BIRmingum - actually, somewhere between that and BIRming’m

Not even a street according to my trusty A-Z

There’s a couple of dozen Birmingham Road/Streets around the country, and unsurprisingly most are in the West Midlands. (Source:

Can’t find one on either. Oh well.

Unless you come from that city in which case it’s pronounced “Boimingam”

I thought it was “byeuuurmingum”

No. In as much as the question makes any sense. Would you like to be more specific?


No part of London is called “Birmingham”. I’m told that the reason there is no Birmingham Street or Birmingham Road in London has to do with the fact that Birmingham is a newish city, with no peerage associated with it.

That’s just something I heard, please don’t take it as gospel.

The peerage aspect isn’t anything to do with it - but you’re right about it being a 19th-century city and this postdating the creation of the main London thoroughfares.

Even so, new streets have been constructed in London since Birmingham existed, haven’t they? - perhaps just not enough of them (or not big enough) to make the appearance of a Birmingham Street a statistical likelihood.

Another explanation is that people in London don’t know Birmingham exists…

(I’m not a proper Londoner, if you’re looking at my location)

Brummyjam’s outside the M25, it’s a whole different planet!

Thanks man. Serves me right for reading Notes and Queries :smack:

Nah, it’s Boimingum or Aston Villa

“Shit hole”.

London has an Aston Street and a Villa Street. There’s also a West Street, a Bromwich Avenue and an Albion Street. But no Birmingham Street.

Totally unfair.

‘Boimingham’ sounds more like the way a Chicago mobster would say it.

Boimingham twinned with Chicago