Birth Control Pills & Recent Connections to Loss of Libido

Ok, bare with me here.

My g/f lost her libido (please, limit the jokes and comments about who else she could be borking) a few months back after she got off of birth control. She was an extremely horny woman previous (previous 2 years), but since has been the equivalent of a dead fish not due to a lack of passion-but of just not feeling it.

So she’s taken to blaming it on the birth control per some recent studies showing a link between birth control and a permanent loss of libido in some women.

So I was just curious if anyone out there had any good information on these studies, and especially to possible research towards remedies. Thanks.

If she’s “lost her libido” as you say she has, she should probably consult with a doctor knowledgable about both the female reproductive system and endocrinology (that’s hormones). In some women, either imbalance of hormones or deficiency of certain hormones can lead to this problem. If that is the case, then hormone supplements can resolve the problem but there’s no way to diagnosis that sort of thing over a mesage board, and even with a good doctor in real life it’s going to take some investigating and maybe trial and error to hit upon the solution.

Loss of sex drive in an otherwise healthy (mentally and physically) woman is a sign something is wrong. It’s unlikely to be life-threatening, but it’s not normal. If her current doctor doesn’t take this complaint seriously (even gynecologists sometimes treat women’s sex lives as optional) find another doctor.

Do you have any information on the study(ies) she’s talking about? Who did 'em, when, with what means? I ask because, anectotally, I’d love something to blame my low (read: nonexistent) libido on, and going off hormonal birth control correlates time-wise, and is as good as any other hypothesis I’ve heard…

But honestly, my only knowledge on the subject is that being ON hormonal birth control can kill the libido. I believe that’s somewhere in the side effects on that package insert the pharmacist kept giving me. I’ve never heard anything about that effect from going off of it.

Another thing to consider is whether she might be (unconsciously perhaps) nervous as hell about whatever form of birth control you’ve switched to, or the idea of baby-makin’ if that’s what you’ve decided on. Worriy, stress and ambivalence kill the female libido quicker than a … thing that kills libido quickly. (I need Sampiro’s gift with words here, and it ain’t coming this early in the morning!)

(FWIW, if the rest of your relationship is OK, I doubt she’s “borking” someone else. The female libido tends to, in my experience, increase the more it’s…uh…exercised. When I’m enjoying the company of another man (open marriage), I want my husband even more. Sort of a catch 22 - if I could increase my libido to sleep with someone - anyone - then my libido would increase. Sometimes Nature sucks.)

I’ve never heard of permanant loss of sex drive due to the bc pill, but I know that when I was ON the pill I had a lower sex drive than when I was not on it. I also had a much greater sex drive on Depo than I did on the pill, and now I use the Nuvaring, and my sex drive has not decreased at all. Women can have very varied reactions to hormonal birth controls.

Since she’s been off the pill for a few months and hasn’t had her normal sex drive return, I would advise her to go to her gynecologist. Sometimes going off of bc can mess up a woman’s cycle, so she may not be ovulating. In such cases, hormones can be subscribed temporarily to get her cycle back on track. Either way, this sounds like something she needs to see her doctor about.

Is she taking any other medications? I’m thinking specifically of antidepressants, which are well known to have unpredictable sexual side effects; lots of other medications also have side effects like that. Her problem may have a chemical but entirely un-birth-control-related cause.

Here is one article I quickly google’d up regarding the recent study.

What is your replacement BC method? I would heartily endorse the “she’s now nervous as hell” contingent as a reason for loss of libido.

Also, what was her libido like BEFORE she went on the Pill? For some women, pregnancy/ovulation greatly increases libido. For some, hormonal birth control crushes libido (during use). Could be that your gf is one of the former, and just generally has little libido the rest of the time (which is most of the time now that she’s off the BC).

Ok, guess I need to be more descript.

We dated for 2 years, and had issues towards the end of that. Called it a day.

We got back together a few weeks later and everything has ben fantastic except for the libido. She insists that she simply doesnt have one, and points to said study.

She was on ‘the ring’ at that time, btw.

Now she’s off BC completely. Despite the yeast infections her ‘ring’ often caused me ( and btw, yes dudes can get them) i loved the ring because it was far less hormonal than the pill.

Which leads us to now-and is why I’m asking if any of you know any more about BC and loss of libido.

My vote is for a “not BC” thing.
The studies point to problems with libido that begin while on the pill, and continue when off it. Not problems that begin when you STOP taking it (although if everything isn’t quite back to normal, hormones could be a factor).
Your relationship is now fine and dandy, yes? Those issues that caused you to break up for a while all sorted? Make sure it’s all sorted for her too, nothing like feeling mildly pissed off with your SO to put a dampener on the sex life.
Also, “loss of libido” can mean different things to different people. If you’ve gone from daily sex to every other day, it’s 50% less sex, but it’s normal and could just be a natural dip that happens to most relationships after a while.

If you’ve gone from daily sex to birthdays and holidays sex, you have a legitimate concern.

I am sure you must be missing certain things, but are you sure you want to be asking complete strangers to get naked with you?? :eek:

It’s quite frustrating to hear her keep talking about this when that sole study is the only shred of evidence out there. Everything I read says her libido should return after getting off BC.