Birthday Absenteesim

I have recently discovered that (unfortunately) I will br out-of-town for my (wonderful) boyfriend’s birthday. Does anyone have a good idea about how to make this up to him? I wanted to have something delivered to his house on the “special day”, but all I can find are cake delivery services, flowers, and teddy bears. Are there any other good delivery services for birthdays? (no strip-o-gram suggestions please!) :slight_smile: Also, any neat birthday ideas in general? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How 'bout a pizza? :smiley:

I thought this thread was going to be about not working on one’s birthday. As it happens, I never work on June the 12th.

Oh, I just noticed this is General Questions. This thread will probably be moving to IHMO soon.


Oh, sorry.

How do you make it up to him?

Try showing up at his front door one morning wearing a red ribbon and a smile. If that doesn’t spark some ideas, check him for a pulse. :wink:

I just got an idea. After you get back from your trip, let him catch you in bed laying down in nothing but a whipped cream teddy. I know that would make me forget about my SO missing my birthday.

If he is as wonderful as you think, he will understand your absence. Just tell him. And do something before or after it to make both of you feel good. Give him an unbirthday present.