Idea for Birthday present for guy

I’ve fooled around and let a very important birthday creep up on me. My boyfriend will turn 45 on 8/18 and I’ve yet to get him anything with one exception. This is his first birthday since I’ve known him and I’d like to do something special. We will be leaving for a week long vacation in Myrtle Beach on Tuesday 8/17 (depending on Hurricane Charley) and I want to give him something while there. I’ve already gotten him a 100 dollar GC for a local wine shop, but I want to give him something else. I’ve thought about getting him an tiny aluminium Victorinox SA Knife with his initials for his keyring, but he travels a lot via air and I fear he’d forget to remove it and it would be confiscated. Any ideas for something to give as a present? I asked him a few months ago what he’d like and he said he already had everthing he wanted/needed.


Probably out to describe the guy if you want any suggestions. If he’s anything like me he told you the truth. he has everything he wants that can be bought in a store. If he collects stuff you can try to fill in his collection. Usually tough to do if he’s collected anything for a long time.

Jewelry, art and other personal items are damn hard to pick out. If he doesn’t have jewelry by now HE DOESN’T WANT ANY.

If he doesn’t cook then a good meal is always appreciated. Steak or ribs washed down with a nice beer at a waterfront restaurant is about as good as life gets. If it follows a pleasant afternoon of some activity he likes than all the better. If there were something in Myrtle Beach that he would enjoy doing then make a day of it.

A really nice silk shirt to wear with shorts on your vacation (if he likes clothes).

Too late for this year, unless you’ve been taking lots of pictures, but here’s an idea for next year: Break out the camera for everything fun; parties, events, whatever you two do together. Then put an album together for him to keep.

Cowboy had only a hodge-podge of pictures of him roping, and I had taken up photography as a hobby. So for Christmas, I had albums made for him and his son. They went over very well, and I have added to them throughout the year.