What the hell should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

My boyfriend’s turning 23 next month, and although he keeps insisting that I don’t have to buy him anything, I can’t let the day slip by unnoticed. The thing is, I honestly can’t think of anything he wants - he’s the type of guy that just goes and BUYS something if he thinks he needs it. I thought of surprising him with something moderately expensive, like a nice pair of dress shoes or a Palm Pilot (he graduates in December) but I’m not sure if I’d get him a style or model he likes.

So, if you were a 23-year-old about-to-graduate-from-college techno-geek, what would you want your loving girlfriend to get you for your birthday?

I’m 23, not in college or anything, but I’m that type of guy who really can get by without any gifts for birthdays, christmas, etc… I betcha he be thrilled with a nice dinner with just you and a nice evening at home. YMMV.

gotta agree with ParentalAdvisory here. a good dinner, out or at home, with some special time with you will be far more appreciated than some gaget that it seems he would just go buy on his own. maybe if you feel you really need to get him something, a particular DVD that he does not own would be nice. along with the special dinner/evening. and a good thing to do after the dinner. YMMV

I’m not sure if he’ll like this, but my husband and I have made scrapbooks for each other’s birthdays. You could make a scrapbook–maybe just an annotated photo album-- commemerating his college life.

Sea Monkeys!!! Everyone loves sea monkeys!

Anything from thinkgeek.com. My husband Spiny Norman, and JohnnyL.A. love their Nerf Rapid Fire 20 (which I got my husband for Christmas a couple of years ago)!

How cool is this watch?!

Shave your cooch. If you haven’t already.

If you have…hmm…have any cute, open-minded female friends?

A Z06 Corvette
Tools, hand or power
A blood alcohol level meter
gas power RC car/truck
new helmet
ya got to replace the harness, regardless of condition, every two years according to NHRA regulation, is it about time for that?

Heh. I just read this post as -

“What should I get my boyfriend for his Birthday?” and to the right of it was “Blown & Injected” as the last poster.


Yeah, I’m easily amused.

What does he like? What are his hobbies? What does he like to do? Are there any shows coming to town that he might want to see?

No question, Dremel Moto-Tool.

956-02 Variable Speed MultiPro Super Kit With 77-Piece Accessory Kit

Long after your infatuation is over and you have married him or moved on to another relationship, ever time he picks up the Moto-tool he will think of you fondly.

A trip to Las Vegas for the two of you.