What the hell should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

My boyfriend’s turning 23 next month, and although he keeps insisting that I don’t have to buy him anything, I can’t let the day slip by unnoticed. The thing is, I honestly can’t think of anything he wants - he’s the type of guy that just goes and BUYS something if he thinks he needs it. I thought of surprising him with something moderately expensive, like a nice pair of dress shoes or a Palm Pilot (he graduates in December) but I’m not sure if I’d get him a style or model he likes.

So, if you were a 23-year-old about-to-graduate-from-college techno-geek, what would you want your loving girlfriend to get you for your birthday?

A three-some.

A 24 hour BJ.


Hey! Quit throwin’ stuff!!

Some people, they ask you for advice and when you give it they get all huffy and bent out of shape.:wink:

Sure, it was for Valentine’s day, but still…
One year, my girlfriend gave me a book filled with a year of kisses. She made 365 lipstick prints in a blank book and gave it to me. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever, and I still look at it from time to time. When we have a fight, I look at it…suddenly, I’m not mad anymore. Maybe that could give you an idea.

I’m just like your boyfriend. I go out and get what I want. Why bother anyone else?

I wouldn’t get him a palm-pilot yet, he may well get one when he starts his new job in his chosen field. It is horrible when your work provides toys you already shelled out for. Even worse if yours is cooler and they force you to use theirs!

If he is as you imply, a nerd, then more or less anything from www.thinkgeek.com or a gift cert should make his day.

He’s a 23 year old geek with a girlfriend? All he wants is a ribbon tied around your naked body. And the ribbon is made of whipped cream. And your permission to post some photos of it on his website. To prove to his geek friends that you really ARE his girlfriend and not someone his mom is paying to be nice to him. Place the whipped cream strategically, his Dad will be seeing the photos also.

23, eh? Oh, my.

Well, I would buy him a massage or pedicure/manicure at an upscale salon. Or perhaps a nice dinner? If you can’t think of an object to give him, that means you should give him an experience!

Get him something personal, like silk boxers (if he is into boxers) or a nice tie (he will need it on interviews).

If in doubt, just shut your eyes and randomly open a page in the Sears tool catalogue. Pick the first item that is in your price range that he does not already have. If he does not like whatever it is, then he is not a True Man ™.

Uh, yeah…right…:rolleyes:

What Mr. Evil Breakfast said. Only make sure to swallow.

Oh, I feel really stupid now - I thought the OP was asking for present suggestios, but if we’re just talking about sex, I’d say buy him a couple of strippers.

Men do need/like manicures and pedicures, by the way.

They do?

I think what Muffin meant was…

They do?:dubious:

Whoo hoo! My first Smiley ever!

Oh, wait, I see where blonde said need/want. Ok. Ill grant that some men may need **icures. But men don’t see that as a treat. Just something to do to make their girlfrieds happy so that they will pose for whipcream web photos.

(* Assuming we are talking about 23 year old hetero nerd men, I feel comfortable making that blanket statement.)

I’ll concede…I’m 39, I have no idea what a 23 year old man would want outside of sex! So buy some chocolate and whipped cream and whatnot. Seriously - get him a t-shirt of his favorite sports team.

I can still remember what it was like back then…Actually, the reason I can is because that is the same thing I want for my birthday at 41. I haven’t changed a bit. Nor do I suspect most guys have in regards to that.

Lots and lots of sex. Just wanted to second that opinion.

Most guys aren’t geeks, either.

You know, I’m exactly like your boyfriend. I hate, hate receiving presents because, well, like him, I just prefer going out and buying what I need, and only what I need, in the model I prefer.

I think it’s better for you to think about something to do rather than something to give. If you’re going to go out of your way to spend money, I’d say go for a really special date rather than an expensive gift. I’d much rather receive something small and symbolic and spend a night I won’t forget than a palm pilor or whatever.

A pedicure must be awfully confusing for a man the first time round. It goes against all those years of his mom chastising him with “Billy, don’t pick at your toes in the easy chair,” “Billy, don’t pick at your toes in public,” and “Billy, don’t pick at your toes at the table.”

And now poor Billy finds himself in public in easy chair with a table beside it with someone picking at his toes. Sometimes it ain’t easy being a guy. It’s too confusing.

It’s a conspiracy, says I. A conspiracy to objectify men into Ken dolls, with the conspirators being the near nekkid women magazines (Cosmo etc.) and their advertisers (cosmetics multinationals) that have already convinced so many women that the path to truth and righteousness lies in looking like a Barbie doll. Having saturated the women’s market, they are now trying to create a men’s market. Run, boys, run, before you find yourself having to trade in your rods and guns, for as we all know, pedicures are followed by weekends of shoe shopping.

Don’t know how much you’re into spending, but if he’s going to enter the job market soon, he’ll need a nice interview suit or a few nice shirts and ties…

Tickets to a football/basketball game or concert…

A leather briefcase of laptop carrier…

A bag containing handcuffs and a can of whipped cream…

A subscription to a computer geek magazine…

A subcription to the Sunday paper so he can look at the want ads…

If there’s a Glamour Shots studio near you, go to one, and have your photos done. They’re pricey, but they’re really nice. This way, your boyfriend can have a photo of you that looks like the ideal you. The very best you that you can be. Oh, and I was reading recently that they’ve updated their style. So the photos no longer feature trampy/vampy makeup and '80s mall-rat hair.