Whatcha getting your SO for Christmas?

Christmas approaches and I still haven’t decided what I’m getting the boyfriend for Christmas. He rides a motorcycle but he has all the gear he needs and anyway I don’t know enough about motorcycles to shop for that kind of stuff. I thought about getting him a nice vintage poster but the nice ones are too expensive.

He also wants a PC to play games on, but again, out of my budget. (Although I want one too.)

I’m thinking of getting him a nice bathrobe with slippers. He’s mentioned wanting a proper bathrobe and he keeps shuffling around the house in these godawful plastic slippers that drive me nuts.


Whatever she asks me to.

My wife’s birthday is in December as well, so I tend to get a couple of things around this time to spread out the fun <g>. This year, I got her a pregnancy massage (37 weeks and counting!), a couple of Jamie Cullum CDs (she recently discovered him after seeing him on TV), and I got tickets to a BBC Symphony concert (tonight, actually) at the Barbican. And we’re going out to what will probably be our last quiet, romantic dinner with just the two of us, since the new tax deduction will be with us in a couple of weeks -

I beg and plead with him to give me a list of stuff he wants, and occasionally I’m lucky enough to get one. Then I just buy what’s on it, assuming I can find it. Luckily this year it was PC games and stuff. I also bought him some clothes, assorted fun stuff and am buying him a magazine subscription for a PC games mag that he used to subscribe to, lapsed and has now decided he wants to take up again.

Gilbert and Sullivan Master Collection it got here yesterday and is now wrapped and hidden … I had thought I was finished shopping as of October, but he found it while looking for something else and I know he will love it when he gets it =)

Due to his recent misbehavior, he’s getting the socks that I had previously ordered him (he’s very picky about his socks), and a lump of coal, if I can FIND coal. I’ve already received the socks, and I don’t feel like sending them back. Otherwise, he’d get nothing but coal. He’s really pissed me off this time.

Pocket digicam, MP3 player, some Bodyshop body butter, some DKNY B.Delicious



Lynn, try asking at stores that sell fireplaces and/or BBQ stuff to get some coal. If you tell em what it’s for you might even get a few lumps for free :smiley:

OK - you don’t have to answer Lynn, but I’ll ask anyway - what did your obviously worse half do to deserve coal for Xmas?

Yeah, I asked him for a list, but he didn’t like the idea. :dubious:

To be fair, he’s asked me what I wanted and I haven’t been able to give him a clear answer either. :smack:

Does it have something to do with the RV?

We are paying our property taxes as our gift for Xmas. Romantic, no?

I bought my bf 3 xbox 360 games, a charlie brown christmas tree (our first christmas tree together. :D), shot glasses, a book on mixology, matching tango red samsung washer and dryer, and a 46" Samsung LED tv.

I spoil him rotten. :frowning:

Peg Leg? Can I be your boyfriend? I’m a girl but I can buy all the major parts!

Well, I’m getting my SO a great big helping of “gosh I sure do love you” and that’s about it. He suggested that we not get anything for each other since it is for the kids but I suspect that is to protect me since I am a lowly college student with kids now and he doesn’t want me to spend money. So it’s going to be one of those years - but we don’t care. It’s just a thing we have to do to make it better when I graduate and get a job. And then I’ll buy him whatever his heart desires!! :slight_smile:

I got him the newest Stephen King book and the Beatles Rock Band game.

Does he have a motorcycle bell? They legend is that they protect the motorcycle and rider from the “gremlins” that cause problems… And they are supposed to work better if given to the rider than if purchased for themselves. A nice inexpensive stocking stuffer, maybe?

http://www.helmetsetc.com/legend-bell.asp This gives the legend, you can get the bells just about everywhere IME. Although I am sure some men wouldn’t appreciate the sentiment.

Maisoui, married to a motorcycle enthusiast.

Last year my bf and I bought the deluxe Onyx Scrabble set together (it was $50 bucks) and then we bought each other some smaller, sentimental things (he made me blubber like a baby they were so thoughtful.)

This year we are splitting the cost of a weekend away for New Year’s Eve (4 nights in a log cabin in the mountain with a huge fireplace and a sunken tub overlooking the forest). We are limiting ourselves to around $30 for some little things to open on our actual Christmas day.

Hazel - if you are going to get him slippers, might I recommend L.L. Bean’s “Wicked Good” mocassins? They are uberly awesome and long-lasting and they have nice soles so he can even wear them outside to get the mail and so forth.

Damn, dude.

I got my GF a few dvd’s. We decided to make this Christmas a little leaner just because neither of us feel we need much. So we decided to each spend about $45 and then each pay half of the cost for a flight for me to come visit her over New Years for five days (long distance). So we each got each other a few gifts to open but the real gift is getting to spend five days together.

EDIT: Sounds like melodyharmonius and me might be on the same wavelength :slight_smile:

The gift he knows about is a decent new suit; he hasn’t had a decent suit in years, and while he doesn’t need one often, there are certainly times one would come in handy! He has to be “in” on it, because it has to be fitted/tailored for him.

The one that’s going to be a surprise: I’m having his car detailed for him.

I’ll probably find him a “trinket” or two to unwrap, from the kids. You know, new socks, a CD, something like that. The kids get upset when we don’t have anything to unwrap on Christmas!

I’m not sure what - if anything - I’ll actually be buying my wife to put under the tree that she doesn’t know about. But she has long wanted some nice knives, so we went shopping together and she picked out 3 nice ones - Shun I believe is the brand. Not sure if she’ll ever let me use them or if I’m stuck with the old ones!

And she has long wanted to try out the viola, so yesterday we picked one up for a 3-month rental.


I’m not sure I’ve spent that much money on all the Christmas gifts I’ve gotten my SO combined, and we’ve been together four years.