Wanted: Gift Ideas for Boyfriend


22 year old male, into comic books, sci-fi and fantasy, computers.

Always asks for socks and underwear for Christmas in hopes of getting 365 pairs of each and doing 1 load of laundry per year.


  • A very frantic Lauren who is leaving the city on the 24th

a maid who does laundry?

maybe some boxers with comic book characters (aren’t they coming out with adult Underoos?)

There is a new Victorinox Swiss Army knife that has special attachments for working on computers. Whatever you do, avoid the Wenger brand of army knives. Anyone who does not own an army knife is forever grateful to receive one.

The Victorinox Pocket Tool is even more incredible. It is head and shoulders above the rest, tho’ a tad expensive.

The Mag Lite Solitaire for his keychain is an unbeatable stocking stuffer.

For your own enjoyment, I recommend getting him some simple yet sexy briefs that you can tear off of him just prior to the ravishing-like-concept.

Amen. They don’t even have the little toothpick and tweezers!

Curious Gunslinger, the Wenger pocket knife/tool that Dillon sells has both toothpick and tweezers.

make him a pie :slight_smile:

or maybe a Schrade multitool… they’re pretty nifty…
you can make 'em do little multitool jumping jacks (opening and closing them) and that could keep him entertained for hrs!!!

agreed, avoid Wenger army knives…

Wilde foldings are nice,
and so are Kershaw, but spendy–but nice :slight_smile:

Comic books? Computer games? Fantsy novels? A future?[sup]1[/sup]

Seriously – if he doesn’t already have Neil Gaiman’s stardust, Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta, Civilization 2 + extensions, or everything written by Patrick O’leary, Gene Wolfe, George Martin, Alfred Bester. Neil Stephenson, and Sean Stewart then those are fine places to start looking.
[sup]1[/sup][sub]spoken with affetion and experience from someone else who likes comic books, computer games, fantasy novels, etc.[/sub]

I WAS thinking of getting him the 9th Robert Jordan book… just worried it’s a little impersonal (cause I’m paranoid that way)

laughs You don’t have to tell me twice… All of my friends are like that => And I can’t get him a cool comic book or something cause I don’t know much about them and he has CRATES AND CRATES of them… (hence I can’t say: "He doesn’t have that one, for sure!)

BTW, great suggestions, guys. Gonna have to find time to go shopping tomorrow…

I developed this formula for boyfriend gift giving, and have shared it with many friends who have also been happy with the result:

  1. nice sweater.
  2. a book, in a genre in which he is interested.
  3. a set of Legos.

The sweater is nice because it is a functional gift, but it doesn’t make the gift package boring because it is offset by the book and the Legos. [sexist attitude alert] The sweater is also helpful if you would like him to be wearing a sweater of your choosing for important events, like brunch with your parents. [/sexist attitude alert]

If he hates the sweater and the book, he will still like the Legos. Have him open the Legos last, otherwise he will never even unwrap the box with the sweater because he will already be building things.

delphica, will you be my Secret Santa next year?

That’s a really, really good suggestion.

That’s the best damn idea I’ve ever heard. I know what’s going on my birthday and Christmas lists for the next few years.

If he is a man then all you need do is…
go to hardware store
ask for something that is cordless and
makes a sound like vvvvvrrrrrrrtttttt.

He’ll love it.

Even if he has one or a dozen of what ever it is he’ll love it.


Give him you wearing a bow and high heels and nothing else.
In fact, if he does not want that I will take it. I will take two!

But if you gotta get something that does not giggle when he touches pink parts:

-Subscription to his favorite magazine
-Something electronic
-Swedish Penis Extender

The one I just got (Highlander model) doesn’t…I only bought it because it was $12.00 on clearance (maybe that’s why…), and came packed with a free-gift Stanley tape measure. The other 4 or 5 SAKs I have are all Victorinox, BTW.

Forget the socks and underwear for him. Get some sexy sock and underwear for you. Dress up like some medieval dominatrix wench , or futuristic barbarella, or Wonder Woman ready to tie him up. Tackle him on the bed and make his fantasies come true. As far as the computer, well take some pictures and set up a web site.

Some good suggestions there… You can’t go wrong with Robert Jordan, I promise. From someone who did all his Christmas shopping in a bookstore yesterday, books can be personal or impersonal – it depends how well you know the person and what they like to read.

Victorinox, Swiss Army knives … even if you have one, another is a Good Thing. The same goes for keychain flashlights.

I’ll let you figure out how intimate you want to get…

Food is like Swiss Army knives – even if you have some, more is Good. Bake him a pie/cookies/brownies/fudge … better yet, make him dinner? (See previous paragraph. ;))

And now, please pardon the hijack … delphica, you’re dead on with your list! Now, do you have a similar one for girlfriends? (Okay, so it’s somewhat wishful thinking, but just the same…)

mmmmmmm… gadgets…

Mag lites, multi-tools, swiss army knives… these are a few of my favourite things. I’m lost without my mag-lite and multi-tool.

There really is no such thing as too many of them.

This is one of the few threads where I’ve received such confirmation of my (almost) deepest beliefs.

A) Wenger knives are crap. I used one of their corkscrews and literally pulled it “straight” whilst trying to extract an ordinary cork. This alone persuaded me for life. The low grade of their steel is another reason in the same class.

B) Mag Lites kick @ss! Not because of their name, but because of their manufacturing philosophy. You can literally drop-kick one of them while they are turned on and it will work when it lands. You cannot have too many of them (see above). Each extra one you get is distributed to the car, earthquake/hurricane kit, camping stash or toolbox. There is no substitute (see above).

Anyway, I thought I’d give you some back up on why I’m so vehement about these products. (And no, I don’t own stock.)

OH SH!T, OH DEAR! The above was my “Birthday Post”. Namely, the reply where my year of birth is indicated by the number of my SDMB posts. (You may call it a birth year post.)

Fortunately, all that I have to do is post continuously for the next few hours to make it seem as though I am much younger!

MMMM, gadgets! I’m a chick and I dig multi-tools and stuff like that. I personally made the mistake of buying a Gerber Sport model and I wish they had it back, sideways (if you know what I mean.) Of course, I’d never admit that to my hubby who is a Leatherman fan all the way.

I don’t think books are impersonal either. I’d LOVE if someone bought me the 9th Wheel of Time book. Of ocurse, I’d love it if he’d FINISH the damned series, too. :smiley: