Bitca coworker: The Return

And this time, it’s personal.

OK, well not really.

“Amy” has been re-hired. In fact, she was working tonight. I was supposed to work with her tomorrow, but I found somewhere else to be and gave away that shift because if I never see her ever again, it will be too soon.

(cross-posted from my lj cause I’m tired of re-hashing):
“Amy” sent me a letter, with Stephen’s seal of approval, saying that no one believes me when I tell them that I saw her with my own two effing eyes, smoking and snorting heroin at work.

This letter isn’t really the problem. I know that the letter is not about me, or for me or to me. It’s about “Amy”, and she wrote it for the benefit of Stephen, so that he could see, on paper, the same “Oh poor me, I’m so persecuted, how could you make up that stuff about me” crap that she’s been feeding everyone since I actually told. I know they’re all eating it up. Apparently, they all went to a barbecue that she had on Saturday. They all make me sick. They lie and lie and lie to me all the time. I have never hid my feelings about Amy, not when I liked her and not when I hated her. But they all hide their feelings about me from me. They are liars and snakes and manipulators.

Stephen should really know better. He’s supposed to be professional. And it is NOT professional to bring the whole Amy thing up again when I have made it clear that I wasn’t going to spend any time on it anymore.

… I did take a lot of abuse from them, but being called a liar, by my boss, in front of all my co-workers, is not something I will stand for. Not ever.

…Next week may very well be my last one at that Subway (knock wood). Thank God I can leave all those two-faced bastards behind. It is just so enormously insulting that despite never having changed my story, swearing up and down that every word was true, and always being loyal, responsible and honest,in every dealing I had with the store and the people who worked in it, everyone chose the heroin junkie over me. Even people I thought I could trust.

(back to me)

The end of the story is that Amy backed out of the Sunday shift (surprise!) and they want me to replace her. Not a chance, motherfuckers! Get yourselves out of the mess you made yourselves when you took the word of a junkie over the word of an honest person! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Wish me luck at the job interviews I have next week!

Good luck! Hope you get the job.

I recently quit a job because of an untrustworthy cow-orker myself.
Liars are smart, but only to a point. When all these people realize they are being played, it will be a one-two punch for them. Her betrayal, and the loss of your friendship.
Living happy is the best revenge…

Oh…and revenge is a dish best served cold…
old klingon proverb

That would be true, if Amy was the only liar.

But the rest of them are just as bad.
Two of them lie all the time because they spend their lives telling people what they want to hear. One of them is very nice to my face, but I know she’s excellent at hiding her feelings (from stuff that happened before the Amy thing).

I can’t trust any of them.

And you will be suprised at the weight that will come off your chest when you really really actually and truely get rid of them.
Sometimes it takes a while, I’m still in the process. I can say your ability to trust will never be same.

Yeah, I’m already seeing a difference in how I am at work. I got a serious smackdown from the universe. I never ever talk about my personal life at work anymore. Not even the normal casual stuff. People have noticed and commented on it (not in a mean way), so I’m glad I’ve been successful at becoming more protective of myself.

Good luck on the interview.

If she’s still using heroin at work, can you call the cops?

I don’t know if she’s still using. I wish I could call with an anonymous tip that she was the person passing fake bills at Zellers in March, but I don’t know her address, just her first and last name. I also know that two of her friends are drug dealers, but I only know their first names. I don’t want to waste the police’s time.

Then concentrate on getting the hell out of there. Keep your head down, conversation strictly professional, and let us know when you have a new job.

Junkies suck.

So, next time you see her out and about spending large bills, quietly tip off the police with her first and last name. They can find where she lives, especially if it’s a Federal offender they are hunting for. Isn’t there a Gov’t website that you can post an anonymous tip with her first and last name to? Turn her in, tell them that “word on the street” is that she’s the one passing the funny money, and you thought they should investigate this to see if it’s true.

Good luck with your job interveiws. Definitely quit that place, and good riddance. Find a way to “cover your ass with paper” too, lest the chick try to sting you later on. Document all that you’ve personally witnessed, put it down in black and white with the dates and times as you can best remember, and anything else you may see in the future. I get the feeling she’s going to pursue doing mischief to you from afar. Be ready for it, and head it off before she can do harm. You’ll be ok, now that you know her for what she is. Hang in there, things will get better.