Bitch about minor annoyances here

I live in an apartment on the side of a larger house. There’s a door to the basement stairs and my landlord lets me use the washer and dryer. At my last place, I had to take my clothes to a laundromat, and it was a pain in the ass, so this is cool.

But the machines are almost never available. The kids are home this time of year, but even when they’re gone the machines are running almost every night. How can two people do that much laundry?

The control on my new blowdryer bugs me. On my old one, the switch was:


So to get to ‘High’ I had to click it up two clicks. I had that dryer for at least 12 years. It died while we were on vacation about a month ago, may it rest in peace. The thing is, I was used to it. Two clicks up.

On the new one, the controls are:



It bugs the crap out of me. I can’t remember that it’s like this, and every freaking day, I click up and just get the Low setting and can’t figure out why the switch won’t move any more. I look at it, and do a massive head-smack. It’s insanely annoying.

The plug for my hairdryer has one of those safety buttons on it so that it disables the dryer in the event of catastrophic overheat or something.

Anyway, if I plug in the dryer and don’t push the button, the dryer won’t come on and I will have to push it. If I plug in the dryer and do push the button I will not have needed to push it.

EVERY.SINGLE.FREAKING.TIME. no matter what I do or don’t do. :mad:

The elevators in my office don’t ding when they arrive, and some don’t even light up.

So when I press the button I have to stand in the spot from which I can see the doors of each of the six elevators (three on each side), and listen for the quiet sound of elevator doors opening, and turn around and around to make sure I see the elevator with the open doors - after they open but before they close - and then run to get on, and hope that it is going in the appropriate direction. Sometimes I have to run for it and since I’m wearing ridiculously impractical (but cute) work shoes that’s kind of a pain in the ass.

Cat, move over. I don’t mind you sleeping on my bed–in fact, I’m flattered that you’re sleeping there again, since you didn’t when I first came home. But at least move to the side so I can stretch out without kicking you.

My stupid hair thinks it’s the stupid 70’s. I did not intentionally style those “wings” into it this morning, I swear! In fact, I made a point of styling it the opposite way, and even used hair spray (which I use maybe once a year) to try to keep it from doing this.

Damned things popped up during the commute, apparently.

I hate growing my hair out.

Tingly hands. I have DEADLINES and my hands are not happy with me. I can’t win. :mad:

2 quick ones…

#1. This is an office not the beach. Wear shoes not fucking flip flops. Yes, the pair you have on today have been BeDazzled or whatever. They are still fucking flip fucking flops. There are approximately 3 people on my floor that are not wearing them on a daily basis. The constant slap slap slap slap around here is almost deafening. (PS: If you insist on wearing the fucking things, get a pedicure or at least wash your feet sometimes - ok?)
#2. If someone holds a door for me I smile and say “thank you”. Always. No matter what kind of a mood I’m in. It’s a very nice gesture and I appreciate it. If I hold the door for you I don’t need :
a. a lecture on how you are capable of opening the door for yourself (I’m a woman too if you didn’t notice the C Cups - spare me the women’s lib propaganda :rolleyes: )
b. pretend that I’m an overly large doorstop or whatever it is you are doing while trying desperately not to acknowledge that I exist on the planet.
I don’t want roses thrown at my feet for having common courtesy, but for God’s sake. Would a smile, a nod, or (God forbid) a thank you really kill you, Asshole?

shamrock227 you rock!


There are too many people who, when exiting a store, stop just outside the door and start thinking about where to go next. Move outa the fucking way.

I have two friends with whom I’m currently engaged in active email conversations. It’s always an exciting part of my day to log onto email and see if I’ve gotten a new email from either of them.

And they’re BOTH on vacation with no internet access this week.

Off to MPSIMS.

Okay, GuyThatSitsNextToMeAtWork, don’t eat crunchy foods all day long!!! Munch…munch…munch. And you’re a diabetic! You shouldn’t be eating those fritos and pretzels and chips, anyway. Your eyesight’s going, your feet have neuropathy and they just told you your kidneys are beginning to have problems - maybe this is a good time to take control of your diabetes, loose that extra 70 pounds and STOP SNACKING RIGHT NEXT TO ME!


blush aaawww thanks :slight_smile:

I came in here to add something else and now I forgot what I was POd about :smiley:

hichiccups! I don’t hic know where they hic came from hic but they’re driving me hic insane! hic hic gasp I can’t even hic breathe, they’re hic so bad. Ihic’m afraid I’ll end up hic spending my night hic walking backwards hic around the hic cofee tahicble trying not to think hic of the word hic “wolf”. hic it’s harder than you think.

hey… they’re gone!

:eek: We wolves must be more powerful than we think! :slight_smile:

heat rash bringing out passels of hives and I cant do anything except take antihistamines and try not to scritch anything… :frowning:

Goddam MTA, goddam Metrocards, goddam bus drivers . . . Now I can’t take the ferry to the city anymore because the busses no longer pick up anywhere near where it drops off, and the goddam driver told me this after taking the last of my Metrocard and then kicking me off the bus this morning with no change and no Metrocard!

Why the hell don’t they bring back tokens, tokens were perfect. Metrocards suck in every conceivable way. Now I gotta go back to the goddam crowded rush hour trains, after two lovely weeks of commuting by ferry . . . I think I will just quit my job and stay home till my money runs out and then starve quietly to death.

My mother has this habit of starting a sentence, then abruptly stopping in the middle, right before she gets to the important part. Apparently she’s off in deep thought, or something, but it’s extremely annoying for whoever is attempting to converse with her.

GAHHHH! Just finish the damn sentence!

My blowdryer has been dying a slow and painful death. Every three minutes it switches off and I have to blow into its snout until I feel faint. Then I take the gamble and poke in the safety button. If she wasn’t ready to start again, then I have to do the mouth-to-blowdryer rescuscitation again :o