Bitch about minor annoyances here

The thread title says it all… bitch about your minor annoyances here. Things like scratchy TP, idiot drivers, cold toilet seats, etc…
My minor annoyance of the day was that earlier in the evening, I was eating some good wasabi peas, and happened upon… a wasabi rock! That damned thing was a little tiny rock(probably from pea fields), that had been camouflaged by being encrusted by the wasabi goodness.

I damn near broke a tooth on it! Grrr…

So what all minor things irritate you? Feel free to vent here.

My freaking cats shed all the time in the summer, causing me and the Dyson Animal to have to work extra duty to keep the furniture and carpet fur-free.

I got all kinds of major beefs, but you ony want the minor ones, so there ya go.

It’s 2 days before my 40th birthday and everyone is expecting me to flip out. I may, but it’s their schedenfreude that’s doing it, not turning 40. I’m rather looking forward to it. Dammit, quit snickering and acting like I’m lying! I’m not. And the more I protest that I really don’t care, of course the more it looks like I do. In all honesty, I’m rather surprised. It’s like turning around and looking for something you just set down a minute ago. In this case, about 15 years.

Oh, and I’m PISSED OFF becuase I have a horribly scratchy throat and it hurts and I sound like Kathleen Turner.

Kathleen Turner’s hot. heh. :smiley:

Well, dammit, something’s irritating me, but I’m not sure if it’s a minor annoyance that I should bitch about here or if it’s more deserving of a tiny rant here.

I live in a semi-arid desertlike area. There is not supposed to be humidity here. The temperature is already pushing 30; I do not need your stupid, sticky, Easterner humidity. I’m looking at you, Nature!

I just ordered a Mac laptop and it takes them five to seven business days to process it, and then two days for it to get here (and that’s only because I paid an extra eighteen dollars for fast shipping). I need a new computer NOW, not two weeks from now.

Well, rather, I want my new toy now and I can’t have it. pout


We get off work at 11:30. That means you (dispatch) call us in at 10:30, not let us sit until we get our regular 10:45 late call. Bastards.


When you want us to undo the changes you asked us to make three days ago, don’t just send us an email saying “Fix these mistakes!” Do you think we’re not going to notice that the ‘mistakes’ are things we just finished putting in at your request? You don’t have to apologize for it, but acknowledging that you’re changing your mind might actually result in us having some respect for you. Remember: our prices are not set in stone, and we are perfectly content to add ‘niusance fees’ to the bill.

Ah, yes, Power Shedders. I have three, two feline and one canine. My older vacuum just died from an overdose of animal fur and I bought a new one. It’s been pressed into full-time service already.
Damn critters.

People who call 911 mistaking us for information, or to tell us their cable isn’t working, or to ask if they can leave a message for a jail inmate (!), or asking us if they can call this friend of theirs and ask friend to come pick them up, all those people make me want to slap puppies.

My new laptop is being delivered by Fedex, and they require a signature guarantee. The due date is Tuesday, which means I’ll be at work. Since the shipment has already gone out, I can’t change the address to have the come to work; I have to call on Tuesday and have them redeliver on Saturday. Minor, but frustrating.

  1. Goddam mosquito is after me. No sooner does one itchy bite heal than the bastard gets me again. All the DEET in the world won’t discourage him.

  2. Woman on my commute ferry who just dresses awful. Long shoulder-paddy 1980s Laura Ashley-style dresses with big floppy sneakers. I really wanna sic the Fashion Police on her.

Dry winter hands that crack and bleed.

A group of nasty storms floated through my neighborhood Tuesday night, breaking off tree limbs an felling trees left and right. I remember the lightning flashes that night looking like disco-strobes set on ‘fast’ and placed outside of each window. The damage was extensive. It took until yesterday afternoon for the public works people to clear just 2 roads out of my neighborhood (there are 5). There was no internet, there was no cable, and electricity was on-again, off-again.

Hundreds of trees came down in a five square mile area. Four houses on my tiny street had trees that fell on roofs, and one had a tree flatten their car. I thought I was the 1 in 5 lucky one who had escaped damage-free, when it was pointed out to me that the pipe that my outside electric meter is attached to, the one that runs wires out to the telephone pole across the street, had been yanked out of the side of my house. Worse, it yanked a large section of siding out along with it.

I called the power utility, which send a truck out to look at it. The response was, “Yeah, you better get that fixed alright. But don’t look at us; we aren’t going to pay for it.” {My ‘R. Lee Emery-type’ expletive response is deleted due to time and space constraints} I then called Neocon-state insurance to file a home-owners claim. If they pay the claim at all, I can be sure that it will be less the deductible amount and that the annual premium that they charge me will skyrocket upwards more than the amount of any check they cut me. That is the ‘best case scenario’.

There is also the distinct possibility that they will deny my claim, stating that this storm was an ‘Act of God’, and jack up my premiums anyway. (‘Acts or Thievery’, like collecting premiums for insurance that you can seemingly never file a claim for being the limit of their service. I guess its a given that Insurance Companies have nothing at all to do with God, but that they in fact sustain themselves instead on misery, deceit, and all the undigested peanuts and paste that they can gobble up from around Chultluu’s unwiped ring-piece.)

If it makes you feel any better, Count Blucher, in my experience insurance companies are actually much easier to deal with at times like this. Their reinsurance policies have kicked in and they are too over worked to quibble.

Dammit, I can’t rant after this! :smiley:

Air-conditioning. Dammit, we’re cold three quarters of the year here, why must you make me cold while inside the other quarter?

Doorways are for walking through, not standing in. If you absolutely must have a vapid conversation with your equally dimwitted friend, at least have the common decency to move your oblivious ass out of the doorway.

Hey, Papa John’s, where’s my damn pizza? It should’ve been here ten minutes ago. If you’re lost, USE THE NUMBER I GAVE YOU TO CALL ME. I’m friggin’ HUNGRY.

(No comments about ‘real’ pizza, please, I forgot my lunch at work, am not taking a lunch hour, and I needed somewhere that delivered.)