Bite my fatherhood, you fascist, elitist idiots.

Folsom-Cordova unified School District.

A pleasant enough place to go to school. It’s the school district I graduated from (sort of).

But it’s sort of bi-polar. There is the Folsom half, affluent, well-off, modern and new, and the Cordova part… older, a little run down, much MUCH lower income families.

I don’t care much which part my kids go too, as I consider it more my job to educate them about the real world than the schools. But I work graves, so scheduling sometimes comes up.

I live in Folsom (just moved) while my wife still lives in the Cordova part of the district. My kids sleep at their mom’s, and spend the greater majority of their waking hours with me.

So, to make my life a tad bit easier, I set up a transfer… I figured my daughter ends up at my place an hour and a half before school starts, there’s no reason she can’t go to school 2 block from my house.

We did the transfer. She had her first day at the new school in Folsom. She liked it ok, but my wife was concerned about bussing.

So she called the school, and started talking.

Along the way, she mentioned that the kids sleep at her place. Immediatly the attitude changed, and suddenly we were pulling a fast one, trying to scam the schools. We were informed that the transfer would be reversed, and my daughter would be going back to her original school on Monday.

When told about the living arrangements, and the fact that I live 2 blocks from her new school (sort of), I was informed that, for the school purposes, I was nothing more than day-care, and hence did not matter to the district in regards to the school the child would attend.

So, a hearty FUCK YOU to the elitist pricks who have made my life, and the life of my daughter, 10x more difficult than it already needs to be.

Is this an actual policy that’s written down somewhere, “the kid goes to the school closest to where she sleeps”? 'Cause that’s a new one on me. Here in Decatur, my understanding is that a kid can go to whichever District 61 school the parents want, as long as they’re prepared to undertake to get her there themselves.

Screw that. Did you show them your custody agreement? If you have joint custody (and it sounds like you do), your daughter should be able to go to school in your district.

At least that’s the way it works in my case. My son goes to school where his father lives.

Cordova class of '99 here.

I don’t really know what to say, except that my bitterness towards that whole school district knows no bounds. There are some really good and well intentioned people there, but trying to get anything useful done is next to impossible. Imagine how things were when I was trying to transfer out of district, to a school with things like honors classes and ceilings that don’t fall down when it rains. Needless to say, I’m a Cordova graduate, not a graduate from somewhere else. Oh well. (Not that I don’t love Cordova- looking back I learned a lot of things there that couldn’t be taught at even the richest, most academic, school)

It seems like things are changeing for the better in Rancho. It doesn’t help your school situation, but it does mean that your child is growing up in a better place than I did.

But it’s about providing a decent education to the children!!! Won’t someone please think about the children?!?!?!?