Bizarre and weird factual book - title anyone??

Hi, all. I’m after identfying a book I once owned, and really hope you can help.

The book was paperback, maybe 8 x 5 in size, and detailed strange and bizarre facts from times gone by. Two of the stories I remember in particular, are one about the research done by a French doctor - when the guillotine was still used - into whether or not decapitated heads still retain sences. The other story was the true account of a nine-year prositute at the start of the 20th century which inspired a film starring Brooke Sheilds in the title role.

The cover was mainly white in colour, I think, with maybe some beige, and was very ‘Victorian freak show’ in style, but I can’t remember the cover illustration.

Has this ended up in one of Unca Cecil’s tomes of wisdom yet?

Thanks, Tapioca, It was Cecil’s answer to the beheading issue that prompted me to post here.

I’ll post here too. Is this the book you’re looking for?

An Underground Education.

The first part (regarding victims of the guillotine) is covered in detail in “Stiff” by Mary Roach. But I don’t think this is the book your after as I don’t remember anything in it about nine-year prositutes.

I answered the second question about the inspiration for the Brooke Shields movie in the other copy of this thread in General Questions.

I hope you’ve seen my original reply to your info in the ‘general’ forum, lazlo. Thank you very much! I thought I’d never find it again!

Thanks, wedall, I’ve replied to it there.

You’re quite welcome. :slight_smile: As I read your description, I knew that was the book. I went and grabbed it from the bookshelf and finished reading your post. The “victorian” comment clinched it.

Glad to be of help. :smiley:

Even better, Lazlo - I tried to see if they had it (your link was for .com who I don’t use, what with being English an all) and they had a copy for 9p - should be back in my hands at long last, within a day or two :smiley: