Bizarre, disturbing things in Russian playgrounds.

When the first image is of a giant spreading his legs, you know it’s about children’s playground sculpture and equipment. (Warning: A lot of large images.)

This is Ukrainian, not Russian. It is still going to eat your soul.

Kids in Moscow get to see this. Now you can’t un-see it. Ифф (Yiff) is universal.

I don’t know how to interpret this. I mean, I do, but that reading would posit a lot more weird sex religions in the world.

Dude… what? Dude! That pig totally talks!

The Heroic People’s Mescaline and Vodka Collective Parade. Yes, kids, you too can live in the Makeup Trowel Paradise!

Watch the hands.

Most of the links come up as “forbidden” which makes me want to see them even more.

Yeah, that was an appropriately Soviet error message, wasn’t it? If only it had asked for our papers, too.


:: looks at linked pics ::

No wonder the alcoholism rate in Eastern Europe is so high. Poor kids–they have to learn to drink just to get away from the horrible images seared into the backs of their eyeballs!!! Arrgghh!!! :: rushes off to kitchen :: pour gulp gulp ::

This is almost as bad as clowns.

Well, shit. I’ve checked all the links and they come up fine for me. Maybe it’s a cookie they demand you have.

Clicking the first link of the post should work just fine. It takes you to the page that inlines all of the images I linked to directly in every subsequent link of my post.

It’s antihotlinking. They open for you because you opened them on the originating website. Clicking a link for here, however, will send a different referrer URL, so the site’s .htaccess file blocks it from loading. If you copy the link location and paste it into your browser instead of clicking the link, it will load properly.

I clicked the links on the page here. They still come up fine. Maybe I’m misunderstanding how persistent .htaccess is, but it ought to block me just as well as anyone else.

Hmm. I wonder if the site blocks hotlinks only from certain IP ranges? Other than that, I got nothin’.

English Russia totally rocks!
Did you see this piece?

The only thing I’m doing is blocking a good deal of the Javascript on the page. But that should have absolutely nothing to do with anything.

Your third link gives the main characters from the “Nu Pogodi” cartoons. In retrospect, the wolf gives a bit of a pedophile vibe. Filthy American influence :wink:

Oh man, I haven’t laughed this hard in ages. Thanks, Der :smiley:

In that first link, a little more than halfway down, is a clown to make all the clowns that have ever terrorized you look like wimps. I’m not a clownaphobic myself, but that clown gives me nightmares.

I am going to have nightmares about the squatting giraffe with the big hole in it’s abdomen. Do the kids play a game called “play the baby giraffe being born”?

That’s some freaky stuff. But I like these. Especially the motorcycle goat. And the fish eating a fish dinner.

Baby giraffes drop five feet upon being born. Mom’s still standing, you see.

So it’s a lazy mutant giraffe.