Get your Ukrainian on.

DakhaBrakha (ДахаБраха) - self-defined as ‘ethno chaos’.



For blowing your mind with awesome music?


If I misjudged you, I apologize.

But when I see a new poster posting a link to an Eastern European site with no information other than “check this out” it’s usually a spamming attempt at best. And malware is often right behind so I don’t even click the links to look. I report it to the mods and let them check it out.

Yup. Cyrillic characters, no clear explanation, garbled words, new poster = spam until otherwise proven.

I clicked the link, what the hell, I’ve got a Mac, they were virus immune until last week. It’s a youtube link to a song and a still photo of three european women in peasant blouses and wearing tall fur hats, and a bearded bald guy in a vest. All of them are standing in a concrete lined trench and holding traditional musical instruments (drum, accordion, some stringed instrument). The three women look soulful, possibly mildly depressed. The man is looking at the concrete. Getting back to the spam theme, this would be a great ‘before’ image for a Viagra ad.

The music I can take or leave, especially the falsetto guy, but, man, those are some awesome hats. Does everyone in Ukraine wear a hat like that?

I work with a Ukrainian guy and I’m pretty sure he’d never wear a hat like that.

The linked song is pretty bad, but if you enjoy music like, say, Big Blood, some of their other songs on YT are decent. of course, I can offer that opinion knowing this thread will be deleted like the spam it is.

Nobody in Ukraine wears hats like that outside of folk festivals.

Sure looks like spam – but since the OP had 38 posts in a variety of threads before posting that highly suspicious link, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

Hmm, yes, and they’re clearly not bot posts. Fair enough…bring on the balalaikas!

Hey, I’ve been called a lot of things but never a spam bot! My apologies for the confusion. I am a music fan with widely varied tastes - DakhaBrakha happens to be the first Ukranian group I’ve ever come across (thank you very much Radio Paradise). Cafe Society has too much television and not enough music so I expect this will not be the first time I throw something out there.


There is only one place to begin an examination of Ukrainian rock and that is with Oleh Skrypka. Though he is not very well known in the US, he is monster in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. His work these days is mostly solo, but be sure to check out his earlier work as part of VV. Their stuff is plentiful on YouTube.