Name That Tune!!!

OK. I am trying to figure out this artist and song. The video to this song has a bunch of schoolgirls that strip and make out. The same artists have another video where the artists, who are dressed as schoolgirls, go into a back alley and make out.

Sorry its so vague, but I really like those songs for some strange reason…

I’ve never seen the videos or heard a note of their music, but I still know you’re talking about Tatu.

How??? Whats the name of the song tho?

Got the song, thanks.

I know now why I like it so much, they have very gorgeous voices… Or its the russian lesbian school-girl thing…

Anyone know how to say “not gonna get us” in russian? Im trying to find the russian version.

If my friend’s mp3 filename is anything to be trusted, then it is “Nas Ne Dogonyat.” I have no idea if that’s even close, though.

Danke…oops thats german not russian…um ok russian is the next language i’m going to learn.

Does anyone have any suggestions of other good songs by t.a.t.u.?

Another thing I love about “not gonna get us” is how its so Shakespearian (romeo and juliet)

My Bulgarian friend, who speaks Russian, says the lyrics are different between the two songs.

That is the right title though AwSnappity.

The other popular songs by these girls are “All The Things She Said” an their cover of “How Soon Is Now”.

Does anyone have a link to a more accurate translation of the original lyrics?

Their first hit is ‘Ya Soshla S Uma’. Which I heard in my Russian class two years ago :slight_smile:

Isn’t Nas Ne Dagoniat?